Holiday Workshops5-7yrs: 2 Day Halloween Workshop

Children can enjoy spooky games, gory stories, arts & crafts and a fancy-dress competition as they work towards their own spooky performance for family to enjoy on the afternoon of day two in Hampton Hill or Esher!

8-12yrs: 2 Day ‘MAKE-A-SCARY-MOVIE’ Workshop

Young movie-makers can gain hands-on experience of screen make up, directing and performing in their very own scary movie. Everyone gets a digital link of their final film and families will be invited in on the afternoon of day two for an interactive cinema experience in Hampton Hill, Walton or Esher!


These much-loved 3 day musical theatre workshops for 5-7 & 8-12yr olds are led by musical theatre teachers and filled with dancing, singing and acting.

Children aged 5-7yrs join us for drama based games, story-telling, singing and arts & crafts- all based on a popular theme. At the end of Day 3 parents are invited in to see the children in a fun- filled mini performance.

Together with our Musical Directors and Choreographers, our 8-12yr olds enjoy 3 days filled with acting, singing and dancing, with a performance for parents at the end of Day 3.


holiday workshopsFull day performing arts and film workshops in , Hampton Hill, Walton &Esher, for 5-7yrs, 8-12yrs and 13-18yr olds.

Our Musical Theatre Workshops for 5-7yr olds are filled with drama-based games, stories, singing, arts & crafts PLUS an end of workshop performance for parents to enjoy! All based on a popular theme.

Our Musical Theatre Workshops for 8-12yr olds are filled with acting, singing, dancing and culminating in their own imaginative performance for families at the end of day 3. All based on a popular theme.

Our Movie-Makers Workshop for 8-12yr olds allows kids to get creative in front and behind the camera with hands-on experience of screen make up, directing and performing in their very own scary “summer” movie. Includes an interactive screening experience for families and a digital link of the film.

Working with our Musical Theatre Director & Choreographer, 13-18yr olds will develop their dancing, singing and performance skills in a musical show-inspired Youth Project. Includes a performance at Hampton Hill Theatre for family and friends on day 3.


holiday workshopsWith over 10+ years experience and expertise in performing arts we would be delighted to shape a Schools Workshop to enrich and support your learning enquiries or local community events.

Dramacube recently worked with several local schools as part of the
Walton Film Festival, celebrating the work of Cecil Hepworth.


holiday workshopsDramacube love to support local charities for children!

Working with our creative team of directors and musical theatre teachers, children aged 7-12 years can join us for 3 hours of acting, singing and dance as we explore a famous story, improvise scenes, learn songs and routines.

Family & friends are invited to join us for a sparkling end of workshop performance where children shine on stage under the lights of an impressive local theatre.

Either a percentage of or all proceeds from our charity workshops will go directly to the named charity. Donations may be kindly requested in exchange for attendance.


At Dramacube we love to support local community events. We enjoy working in partnership with local businesses, big and small and love nothing more than helping to create magical memories at Christmas.

Children aged 6-12yrs can join us for workshops where we’ll be playing drama game, doing some improvisation and learning a number from a classic Christmas movie.

Family and friends can  join us at the end of the session where the children will perform on stage.

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