Updated: May 2024

Reviewed: April 2025

Dramacube LLP Uniform Policy 

Dramacube deliver musical theatre projects, shows and movie-making workshops for children from the age of 5 – 18 years in a range of venues.

Our Uniform Policy is to:

  • To create a feeling of belonging through the wearing of the uniform.
  • To ensure our children and staff are safe in undertaking their activities.

Uniforms create a sense of belonging and equality.

The uniform also enables us to identify children quickly should we need to move around a building or evacuate.

Similarly, our teachers and other staff members all wear a unform, so you know they are part of the Dramacube Family.

Uniform Requirements

All students and staff will visibly wear a Dramacube branded top (this can be a hoody, fleece or t-shirt).

All students will wear suitable leg wear – this should be leggings, shorts, or trousers that can move in. Children should wear shorts or legging underneath skirts.

All students will wear suitable footwear – in line with the activities with will be undertaking.

This is ideally trainers or dance or jazz shoes. The wearing of flipflops or similar is not appropriate.

Uniform can be purchased from www.portlantis.com/webshop/dramacube/

Purchases are made to order and typically take between 7 – 10 days to be delivered.

We have a small stock of uniform that can be purchased at a discount for those that may require it – please email contact@dramacube.co.uk