Health, Safety & security policy.

Updated: April 24

Reviewed: April 24

This is the health, safety and security statement of Dramacube LLP

Dramacube deliver musical theatre classes and shows for children from the age of 5 – 18 years in a range of venues.

Our Heath, Safety & Security Policy is to:

  • To ensure our Classes and shows are delivered safety and securely for all our children and staff.
  • To assess and manage operational and day-to-day Health & Safety risks on an ongoing basis.
  • To provide appropriate briefings and training to all our staff.
  • To review our policy and approach to Health & Safety on an annual basis.


The overall responsibility is held by Dramacube Managing Director.

Operational Risks are managed by the Operations Manager.

Day to Day Health & Safety responsibility rests with all front facing staff.


Overall Risk and Health & Safety is reviewed annually with the entire management team. With all procedures reviewed and updated, and changes communicated to all staff.

Our key operations risks have been identified and the approach to manage this outlined in the policy.

Day-to-day responsibility to manage risk is through several procedures for staff to adhere too.

Operational risks

Safety of children

A health & Safety briefing is held at the beginning of each term, workshop or show to highlight the local procedures particularly:

  • Evacuation and invacuation procedures
  • First Aid facilities and reporting
  • The drop off and pick up procedures for children.
  • Keeping children safe – covering security of the venue, use of facilities etc.
  • Medical or allergens of any of the children or staff

Suitability of staff

All staff are suitability qualified for their roles through experience and qualifications and appropriate DBS or references are pursued. All staff undertake a probation period and are monitored during this period. Training in key skills such as First Aid and behaviour management is provided.

Security of records

All personal records are stored via RegistersPlus which adheres to the seven principles of GDPR. Only essential records are stored and only ICE and Medical information is shared with front facing staff. All staff are subject to data confidentially.

Suitability of the venues

A risk assessment of each location is undertaken each term in partnership with the local facilities provider. (Most venues have risk assessment which we can review and adopt.) Daily walkaround is undertaken by front facing staff.

Day to day management

We expect our staff to:

  • Undertake a daily risk walkaround.
  • Mitigate any issues before continuing with classes or shows.
  • Report all accidents and near misses via our App
  • Report significant (issues that prevent the safe running of a class or show) or ongoing issues to the Operations Manager immediately.
  • Ensure all children are registered in and out inline with our Signing In and Out Procedure
  • Have access to all ICE and Medical records for staff and children.
  • Always supervise the children.
  • Ensure all activities are suitable for the age and ability of the children.