Arts Richmond Young Writers Festival 2021/22

Arts Richmond Young Writers’ Festival is open to all young people who either live or attend school/clubs in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is a  chance to demonstrate writing skills of any form:stories,descriptive writing,poems, playlets,lyrics for songs-whatever the imagination can devise.

Entries are judged in four age groups (from School Years 4 and under to School Years 10 and over) with prizes for all winning entries.

In addition, Arts Richmond appoints a Junior and Senior Laureate who will be given opportunities during the following year to write about events taking place in the borough, for possible publication.

The competition is running until Friday 3rd December 2021.

All shortlisted entrants will be invited to a gala awards event in a prestigious venue Spring 2022.
More information is available on the Arts Richmond website.

Step Through the Wardrobe this Autumn 

As the summer weather draws to a close and we turn our attentions to the Autumn months ahead, we are excited to be kicking off the new term with a project inspired by the classic story of The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.

Children aged 4-6 attending our drama classes in Hampton Hill will step through the wardrobe and go on an adventure into the magical world of Narnia where they’ll meet such characters as Mr. Tumnus, Mr & Mrs. Beaver, Aslan the Lion and of course the White Witch.

However, before we start the journey there will be plenty of opportunity for drama games with children getting to know each other, and to share their creativity with our team of experienced teachers.

Our 4-6 years classes run at the United Reformed Church in Hampton Hill on a Saturday morning from 9.00am – 10.30am or 10.45am – 12.15pm.

Sessions help children to build their confidence and develop their creative skills in a safe and secure environment.

Two-week tasters are available and can be booked here.

We look forward to seeing you all for our adventure through the Wardrobe into Narnia.

Join Our 14 years+ Acting Troupe 

For students turning 14yrs+ between September 2021 and August 2022 there is an exciting new opportunity to join advanced performing arts troupe who will perform at theatre, festivals and events as well as participate in industry lead workshops.

The new theatre troupe will meet at St. Mary’s University in Strawberry Hill from 5pm to 7.15pm every Friday starting on 24th September.  Students will work in studios used by Degree level drama students where they will rehearse for performances and attend classes.

There will be a strong focus on Musical Theatre as well as workshops covering Acting for Camera, Audition Technique, Musical Theatre & Singing, Physical Theatre and Stage Combat.

The first project will be Matilda the Musical which will be performed at Hampton Hill Theatre (15th – 22nd December).  This will then be followed by a series of specialist workshops and performances at UK festivals for the remainder of the academic year.

We are now researching the International Youth Arts Festival, Richmond Arts Festival, Music Theatre International Junior Theatre Festival, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and the York Festival and further news will be announced later this year.

For our specialist workshops we’ll be introducing a number of guest tutors from the industry including actors, directors, singers, film-makers and casting directors.

In addition, we will be arranging Theatre trips to shows in and around London and where possible giving our students the opportunity to participate in follow-up workshops.

The term fee will remain at £325 but where additional costs will be incurred such as travel, accommodation or Theatre tickets, we will advise of this in advance before asking you to commit.

The 14+ group is open to students who will turn 14 (or older) between September 2021 and August 2022.

We welcome students who may feel they would like to challenge themselves further in their development as a performer.

We’ll be helping students to understand what it takes to work at a professional level and this group is the ideal platform for those who are keen to continue their path into the performing arts industry.

Register your child here for our September production.


I’m sure you’ve seen a few lovely photos from the show on our social media platforms but I’m pleased to now share all the pictures which were taken by local photographer Bomi Cooper.

To view please copy and paste the following link into your browser.


For anyone wishing to order digital copies please use the following process:

1) Send £4 per digital copy to account: Bomi Cooper / Sort 11-14-58 / ACC 10271268

2) Send an email to stating your child’s name and the file number(s) you would like.

3) Bomi will send you an HR digital copy of the photo(s) you’ve requested. (Watermark free).

If you have any questions please contact Bomi directly.

Enjoy the photos!

Scenario 1

In the event that rehearsals are paused in October or November we will switch to shorter on-line rehearsals and will make up as much time as possible with longer sessions for the remaining weeks.

Scenario 2

If a whole cast are forced to self-isolate, we will endeavour to reschedule rehearsals to make up the lost time.

Scenario 3

Should there be any risk of cancellation in the build up to production week we will carefully review the situation and make a decision based on the safety of our students, team and audience.

Should the show get cancelled we will re-stage the show as soon as possible either at Hampton Hill Theatre or a suitable alternative performance venue in or close by to the Richmond borough.  All tickets will be automatically transferred to the new performance dates.

We sincerely hope that none of the above will impact on the production.  Should scenario 3 occur, our priority will be to provide our young actors with the opportunity to perform as soon as possible after the original scheduled dates.

Thank you for your understanding.

Matilda Wormwood
The hero of the show. She’s brilliant, resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in difficult circumstances. Her parents treat her poorly, but Matilda escapes into a world of books, which puts her reading level far above the other children in her class, and she develops a bit of magical power in an effort to defeat Trunchbull.

Eric –
A student at school with Matilda.

Amanda – A student at school with Matilda.

Bruce – One of Matilda’s schoolmates. He has the bad luck to get caught after eating Trunchbull’s cake.

Hortensia – Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda.

Alice – Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda.

Tommy – Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda.

Lavender – One of the kids at school with Matilda. She is kind and bright (though not as brilliant as Matilda) and quickly decides that Matilda is her best friend.

Nigel – One of the kids at school with Matilda. He is enthusiastic, sweet, and always in a bit of a panic.

Mr. Wormwood – Matilda’s father. He is egotistical, rude, and not very bright, not to mention a liar. Though Mr. Wormwood is not a good person and he is mean to Matilda, his hare-brained schemes can be hilariously funny.

Mrs. Wormwood – Matilda’s mother. Like her husband, she dislikes Matilda and does not understand why her daughter loves to read. Mrs. Wormwood is selfish, obsessed with her own appearance, and believes everything she sees on TV.

Michael – Matilda’s brother. He is not very bright, though he is the apple of his father’s eye.

Mrs. Phelps – The kindly librarian who loves hearing Matilda’s stories.

Escapologist – A character of Matilda’s creation.

Acrobat – A product of Matilda’s imagination.

Miss Honey – A teacher at Matilda’s school. She is kind, is generous, and really cares about the children despite her own desperate circumstances.

Agatha Trunchbull – The quintessential terrifying tyrant. As headmistress, she runs her school like a dictator, making up arbitrary rules to suit her every whim and dreaming up creative punishments.

Rudolpho – Mrs. Wormwood’s self-obsessed dance teacher.

Sergei – A customer swindled by Mr. Wormwood. Though he shows up looking for payback, Matilda has had quite enough of revenge, and Sergei lets the Wormwoods escape.

Big Kid 1 – Older child who intimidates the younger children in the playground

Big Kid 2 – Older child who intimidates the younger children in the playground

Big Kid 3 – Older child who intimidates the younger children in the playground

Cook – Miss. Trunchbull’s school cook who brings the cake for Bruce Bogtrotter in the infamous ‘cake eating scene’

Ensemble –
Ensemble roles include Russians, Little Kids, Kids, Mums, Dads and the Mechanic

Congratulations to our Hampton Hill Green Cast on a fabulous production of Annie.

The Mark Aspen Review is in.

From the Stage to the Heart.

Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Review by Millie Stephens

Annie Jr is performed by an outstanding cast of twenty-two talented young actors from Dramacube, staged at Hampton Hill Theatre.  Annie Jr is Stephen Leslie’s amazing take on the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Annie.

The musical director Abbey Mordue did a wonderful job of lifting the elegant and vibrant singing off the stage and into the audience’s heart.  There was a wonderful range of slower, emotional songs for example Maybe – Reprise sung by Keiva Mcnelis who played Annie; in comparison with Little Girls which was an energetic, powerful song sung by Charlotte Taylor who played Miss Hannigan.  Also the ensemble songs like N.Y.C and Hard-Knock-Life created a buzzing atmosphere where the audience could feel the energy and excitement radiating through the theatre.

The set design, built by Alan Corbett, was very creative and memorable with the stage split into two halves, the orphanage where Annie spent the first ten years of her life, and Mr Warbucks’ house in which she spends a Christmas holiday and then gets adopted. This made it easy for the audience to follow the whereabouts of scene. I also thought that the costume by Hannah Calarco were exceptional, especially with the many costume changes between orphans, New Yorkers and staff. This helped the show to come alive and let the audience escape into the world of Annie. …read on for more here

Congratulations to our Twickenham Blue Cast on a fabulous production of Annie.

The Mark Aspen Review is in.

Amazing Actors Amaze Annie Jr.

Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Review by Evie Schaapveld.

The Twickenham Blue Cast performance of Annie was a great performance by Dramacube.  I was going to see this play last year but because of coronavirus it was then postponed for many months.  This is the first play that I’ve seen for ages, so it felt very nice and exciting to go into the theatre, since I hadn’t been for a very long time.  The songs that played while you were waiting for the play to begin and when it ended were very well chosen.  When the curtain opened, there was astounding scenery and I really liked the New York backdrop.

The play starts with the orphans in the orphanage and Annie (Mimi Worsley) and the orphans singing Maybe which was well sung by all the girls.  After that Annie attempts to escape but is foiled by Miss Hannigan (Mia Cousins), and all the girls are then put to work, which leads them to sing It’s a Hard Knock Life which had good choreography.  The props in this scene were very good and I really liked the large oversized bed and the laundry basket that Annie escapes in.  I also enjoyed Mia Cousins singing the song Little Girls which she performed really well…read on for more here

Congratulations to our Twickenham Green Cast on a fabulous production of Annie.

The Mark Aspen Review is in.

Undaunted Daughters… Annie Jr.

Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin.

Review by Eleanor Lewis

“Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington!” said Noël Coward, though he might have added “unless it’s a Dramacube production”, if he’d been around to see one.
One of the most (and there are many) satisfying features of Dramacube productions is the level of professionalism consistently on show.  Thursday night’s Twickenham Green cast bowled along at a brisk pace driving forward the story of little orphan Annie, delivering lines, comedy, dance routines and songs with non-showy confidence and quite a lot of skill.  Their seamless move from one particular ensemble scene into the NYC song and dance routine, which involved a very quick change for all, was particularly impressive…read on for more here

Congratulations to our Hampton Hill Blue Cast on a fabulous production of Annie.

The Mark Aspen Review is in.

An Enthusiastic Return…. Annie Jr.

Music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin.

Review by Celia Bard

The feeling I experienced when walking through the doors of Hampton Hill Theatre was quite emotional for it was fifteen months or so since last setting foot in a theatre due to that very vicious tiny virus who shall remain nameless.  In many ways it was appropriate that the production I was about to see was Annie Jr, produced by Dramacube.  Cast memories back to March 2020 when this production had been ready to go: the stage had been set, lines learned, tickets sold and then ‘lockdown’ immediately prior the opening performance……. read on for more here