At Dramacube we have always known the importance of the performing arts and that our Richmond Borough Drama classes promote wellbeing in 5-7yr olds!  So let’s explore the impact of drama on young children.

Managing Anxiety

Let’s be honest, confidence can get you everywhere in life and a big part of that confidence comes from being able to perform in front of others and/ or under pressure. If your child can master and manage their anxiety at a young age, the world is their oyster! Getting up on stage is like nothing else and, quite frankly, if they have the courage to do this, then they can do anything!

Busy Brains!

Our improvisation games involve being able to think on the spot and this really helps to improve children’s learning and the speed of their responses. Being creative will engage them in a very different way and an inspired child is a happy child.

Social Creatures

Being part of a friendly, inclusive group can create stability for your child and give them a safe space to interact with their peers.  Life-long friendships are forged at Dramacube and may provide some light relief when playground politics get too much!

A Break from Maths!

The school week is currently dominated with maths and English and the arts can be neglected- through no fault of the teachers!  Giving your child the chance to work with specialised drama teachers, whilst being creative and having fun, is priceless!

Emotional Intelligence

By playing different characters, children can learn about perspective and empathy. They may explore various emotions and how to deal with them in different ways. Drama may even serve as a means of expressing certain emotions that children find tricky to articulate.

Don’t Stop Moving!

Our classes are very active and will help to keep your children on the go! Dancing, singing, playing and moving will get their little hearts pumping and their cheeks rosy!

If you would like to find out more about Richmond Borough Drama classes which promote wellbeing in 5-7yr olds, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Twickenham-based Youth Theatre To Perform in West End! At Dramacube we love to give our performers the best opportunities- read on to find out more about how you can perform in the West End.

Would you like to perform in the West End this summer?

Join our award-winning Youth Theatre in a spectacular West End Weekend on 5th – 7th July and perform your favourite musical theatre numbers at the Wonderville Theatre, Piccadilly.

Working with our Artistic Director Matthew Bunn and Choreographer Rory Cubbin, students aged 13-18 years old will collaborate to create their own show, choosing the songs and routines they would like to rehearse and perform.

Our talented young cast will rehearse all the best West End and Broadway numbers in small groups in Twickenham.

On the final day they will come together to perform in a cabaret style show to a live audience at the Wonderville Theatre in London’s West End.

West End Musicals Weekend runs Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July.


Our Musical Theatre Teachers & Choreographers will run this special project over 3 days:

Rehearsal 1 – Friday 5th July from 4:30pm-8:30pm at St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Rehearsal 2  – Saturday 6th July from 10:30am-4:30pm at St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Tech & Performance Day – Sunday 7th July from 10:30am-4:30pm at Wonderville, London

Prices can be found on our website.


There are SO many great musicals to choose to include in our West End Weekend project. We want you to be a part of our decision-making process.

Help us decide which musical numbers to include by sharing your 3 favourite musical numbers on our poll here.

Radio 2 took a similar poll and I think you will be surprised by the outcome but the top ten make up a colourful list of old and new.  Radio 2 Poll.

So if you would like to be part of a  Twickenham-based Youth Theatre To Perform in West End, click here to enrol now!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Local Drama Club Take Part in Noel Coward Event!

Hampton Hill Theatre is running a Noel Coward Gala event and Dramacube students and local schools and youth groups have been invited to take part in it. Dramacube has been performing at the theatre for many years now and will be treading its boards yet again as we perform our current show Moana Jr.  in June and July.  So how can you get involved in the Gala event?

Design A Dressing Gown Competition for ‘Coward 125’

Sir Noel Coward was a multi-talented actor, writer, musician, painter and one of the most famous people of the 20th Century. Even more importantly, he was born in Teddington! In both his plays and his personal life, Coward was famous for wearing very stylish clothes and especially dressing gowns.

To celebrate Coward’s 125th birthday, we are asking local schools to enter a competition to design a dressing gown. The artwork from the competition winner/s and finalists will be included in a week-long exhibition at Hampton Hill Theatre. The work will sit alongside one of Coward’s dressing gowns and other objects from his amazing archives.

‘Coward 125’ runs from 9th – 15th June 2024, Teddington Theatre Club will be putting on a whole host of events including performances of Sir Noel Coward’s plays and songs for all visitors to enjoy.

How to Enter

Template for KS2 Entrants

Entries will be divided into three categories:

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3&4

Key Stage 5

A template (to the right) is provided for Key Stage 2 entrants to colour in.  Older entrants are expected to create their own designs and visions.

Each entrant must produce either a sketch, painting, or textile design using materials of their choice. It should be of either A4 or A3 size. Each entrant must attach a sheet of paper to their artwork giving their full name, age, and school name, so that we can contact them if they are successful. Hand your entry in at school. For all enquiries or if you do not attend school, please submit your design to

Winners from each Key Stage group will win:

– 2x pantomime tickets (Key Stage 5 entrants can swap pantomime tickets for a Teddington Theatre Club performance of their choice)

– A painting set

– 2x VIP tickets to Teddington Coward Festival Launch on Sunday 9th June (6PM) and Gala Performance on the 15th June 2024 (7:45PM)

– An opportunity to appear onstage during the Gala

The overall winner will also win an age-appropriate art/design book and be presented with their framed original design at the Gala performance.

Deadline for entries is 12 noon on Tuesday 14th May 2024 – A volunteer from Teddington Theatre Club will collect entries either directly from a named head of department or from reception. Please inform us of the preferred method.

Finalists/Winners will be announced to the head of department at each school on 31st May. Finalists’ work will be on display at Hampton Hill Theatre from June 9th until June 15th.

Terms & Conditions: Any late entries, or entries without the person’s name, Key Stage/age and school name enclosed will be disqualified. The judge’s decision will be final. No cash or monetary alternative to the prize will be given.

If your child would like to be part of our award-winning performing arts company, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube


The secret’s out- a Richmond drama club is affiliated with a kids talent agency, and yes you guessed it, it’s us! Dramacube are affiliated with Rotten Orphans talent agency who now represent many of our students working in film, television and theatre.  So this week, we’re digging deep to find out more about this fantastic agency from Charlotte at Rotten Orphans.

Hi Charlotte, can you tell me a bit about your background?
After lots of amateur dramatics as a child, I signed up to a children’s talent agency and had roles in Commercials, TV and theatre until my 20’s. The most obscure role was playing the ‘victim’ on a Crimewatch reconstruction!  I studied acting at Drama school and University (where I met the brilliant Matt from Dramacube) and worked for both a children’s agency and an adult’s agency. 

What inspired you to set up a Rotten Orphans talent agency for young performers?
The inspiration really came from Matt, Steve and Dramacube! After having so many talented performers join Dramacube, it seemed the perfect opportunity to help them take their acting careers to the next level. The name ‘Rotten Orphans‘ was inspired by the musical Annie.

What is the best thing about your role as an Agent?
No day is the same, you must expect the unexpected. The best bit is seeing a child succeed and realise their dream, whether it’s a film role or a theatre job. We have had some lovely moments where we have been able to tell a young actor they have secured a brilliant job!

What do you find most challenging?
Everything is very fast paced.  You don’t always get much warning with castings so our parents have to be on their toes. You also have to be super organised as there are always lots of castings, recalls and tapes to deal with. I get through a lot of notebooks!

What’s been your greatest achievement at Rotten Orphans?
The agency officially reopened last summer and we have been so fortunate with the opportunities we have had! We have several children currently working on a feature film this week and only today, have had two confirm for West End roles. We can’t wait to go and see them in action!

Would you recommend becoming an Agent?
It’s a really exciting job, I feel very lucky to have a job I love. I loved the industry but didn’t want to be in front of the camera anymore so it’s a nice balance.

What do you look for in a performer?
We can tell if a child has something about them, a spark that makes them stand out. TV and theatre acting are different so you look for different qualities but ultimately, we need performers who are reliable, motivated and willing to work hard. From a skills point of view, children who have languages, musical instruments or can use different accents are interesting as we can put them up for a variety of roles.

Are there any casting types you are hoping to sign right now?
We do have casting gaps, especially with boys! We would love to sign more singers, children who are good with accents and those from a diverse background. If you have anything different you can bring to the table, we are always happy to hear from exciting new talent.

How do people join your agency- what is the process? Our books are currently open and we proudly represent several Dramacube students. Please email us at with all your details and we will come back to you with further steps.

If your child would like to join a musical theatre group with great connections, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube


acting sing dance in Hampton Hill Twickenham Walton

Once again, Dramacube are providing 5-12 years olds with the opportunity to act, sing, dance in Twickenham, Walton and Hampton Hill.

For 5-7 year olds our spectacular Summer Term classes kick off on the 20th April as we explore the magical world of Moana Jr! Each week our little adventurers will enjoy drama and improvisation games, learning songs and routines as they work towards their end of term mini musicals performance at Hampton Hill Theatre.


For 8-12 year olds we are thrilled to have secured Disney’s full scale Moana Jr as our production! Each of our five talented tribes (casts) will rehearse weekly with our Musical Theatre Chiefs (Directors & Choreographers) and will perform two full scale productions at Hampton Hill Theatre. This will be a special journey for everyone where, like Moana and Maui, they will make new friendships, challenge themselves, learn to collaborate and be inspired. This feel-good summer show will be filled with Musical Theatre and magic so journey with us as we whisk you away to find the Heart of Te Fiti. Summer Term starts w/c 20th April with final performances on 29th June – 1st July at Hampton Hill Theatre. Spaces are booking up fast so be quick if you would like to join our casts in Hampton Hill, Twickenham and Walton!

Why Moana?

The Character

Moana exudes all the characteristics we admire at Dramacube- she is passionate, brave, thoughtful, strong-willed and caring. Moana also fights for what she believes in and doesn’t give up when things get tough! As an independent thinker she is able to make positive change and even heal damage done by the wrong-doing 0f others.

Culturally Respectful

The creators of the show wrote: “Moana is a celebration of the rich history of Oceania and is based on the beliefs and cultures of real people. In creating the original film, the producers at Disney Animation formed an Oceanic Trust. This group of anthropologists, cultural practitioners, historians, linguists, and choreographers from islands including Samoa, Tahiti, Mo’orea, and Fiji was integral in the creation of the film, providing feedback and notes on everything from character design and song lyrics to the depiction of culture onscreen.” This attention to detail was carried forward to the show.

Environmentally Aware

Moana has a powerful message about man’s impact on the world and the exploitation of nature. Maui’s abuse of nature results in limited produce and a fire-breathing Te Ka whereas a more respectful approach brings the delightful Te Fiti who can restore balance once again.  We love that we can help to spread such a vital message.

If your child would like to act, sing, dance in Twickenham, Walton & Hampton Hill, please click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Dramacube Supporting Walton Sea Scouts in Duckathon

Our supporters will already know that we love supporting our local community. Read on to find out how Dramacube is supporting Walton Sea Scouts in a Duckathon!

Dramacube Supporting Walton Sea Scouts in Duckathon!A Totally Quackers Event!

The Walton on Thames Duckathon is an annual race between plastic ducks on the River Thames! This year the Dramacube Duck will be taking part but she needs a costume!

Can you design a “Dramacube” inspired costume for our darling duck to wear?

The winning design will not only be made into a costume by the Dramacube Team, but you’ll also win a Dramacube goody-bag and Holiday Workshop Voucher worth £125.

How to enterDramacube Supporting Walton Sea Scouts in Duckathon!

Sketch your design, scan and email it to  by 19th April.

The winning costume design will be chosen by our Musical Theatre Director and announced on our social media the 20th April.

The Dramacube Team will dress the duck inspired by the winning design.

Come cheer on the Dramacube Duck in the Duckathon Race at 3pm on the 6th May by the The Swan Pub, Walton on Thames.

PLUS you can vote for our Dramacube Duck in the “best dressed” competition run by Love Walton. (details to follow).

Download your Design Form here.

What is a Duckathon?

The Duckathon race is a fundraising event, organised and run by 1st Walton Viking Sea Scouts and part of Love Walton’s Bank Holiday May Fayre on Monday 6th May 2024.

Dramacube Supporting Walton Sea Scouts in Duckathon!There are 2 races on the day:

Corporate Race: Hosted by Love Walton, and supported by local businesses. Brightly coloured, oversized ducks in fancy dress will race for the honour of “Business Duck of the Year” .

Main Race: Two thousand ducks will make a bid for freedom, heading slowly towards the English Channel (well, somewhere past the Swan and The Anglers).

Ducks cost £2 each, with cash prizes of £100, £50 and £25, going, respectively, to the first, second and third ducks across the winning line.

Don’t worry, all plastic ducks are rescued by the Viking Scouts and reused for future races.

Find out more about the 2024 Duckathon and how to buy your duck for the main race here.

If you would like to join a club which supports it’s local community, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

kids drama company receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill

This week our kids drama company receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill from Green Room Reviews and Mark Aspen Reviews.

Cast A

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Cast A Review

Hampton Hill Theatre until 23rd March

Review by Timothy Brett

With a busy programme of shows over a two-week period, Dramacube wrapped up their run at Hampton Hill Theatre with a deliciously tasty performance of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from their Youth Theatre. For the matinee I was to witness their A cast and what a talented group they are!

“This was a truly impressive ensemble cast”

This was the first time Dramacube had produced a full-length musical, previously sticking to the one-hour junior versions; this was clearly an ambitious project and at times there were moments which required a little more polishing, however this did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the piece. It was clear the sold-out audience were loving every minute.

Despite being billed as a musical by Music Theatre International with music by Marc Shaiman & lyrics by Scott Wittman, this production felt very much like a play with music. There were many talented singers on stage, accompanied by a live band, however the songs in this show added little to the wonderful story we all know and love.

Directed by Matthew Bunn and assisted by Rory Cubbin, this production focussed, quite rightly, on the story and all those fascinating infamous characters who make it so special.

Poor deprived Charlie Bucket and his family (mainly made of up bed ridden grandparents) was down on his luck and looking forward to yet another ‘surprise’ dinner of cabbage soup when the unthinkable happens. Somehow his dreams come true when he finds one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets and then the fun really begins!

We soon meet a cacophony of despicable children (Dahl’s speciality) who shout, scream, dance, chew, eat and offend their way into the story and the tour of Wonka’s mysterious factory soon begins. Each of the unpleasant young monsters are soon disposed of by the cunning Wonka and his army of orange, boiler suit clad Oompa Loompas until only Charlie remains and the story, as I’m sure we all know has a very sweet ending.

This was a truly impressive ensemble cast, and whilst it feels unfair to name individuals it would also be wrong of me not to mention Megan Went (Charlie) who lit up the stage and drove the production on from start to finish. She surely has a bright future ahead of her. Abi Eggleton gave a lovely, warm performance as Charlie’s mother and the comic timing of Oliver Musgrave (Grandpa George) and Maddie Oxford (Chocolate / Vegetable Seller) had the audience chuckling throughout. Ramona Sleight (Mrs. Gloop) and her portly son August (Larissa Schaffrik) gave us a toe tapping, knee slapping, hand clapping Bavarian Schuhplattler which certainly upped the tempo, swiftly followed by the impressive Rosa Bruce-Ball’s arrival as the highly demanding and incredibly vile Veruca Salt who screamed her way into the factory. All in all, this colourful mix of Dahl’s characters made for a fun afternoon and was just the ticket for the ideal pre-Easter chocolaty treat.

**** (4 Stars)

Timothy Brett, Green Room Reviews

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Cast B Review

Cast B

Gill Martin wrote:

Charlie Bucket (Rosie Preedy) was a delight, confidently portraying a child brought up in poverty with his widowed mother (Rose Botha) – top marks for her beautiful singing – and four bed-bound grandparents.  Existing on a diet of pre-loved veg, with protein provided by the odd snail on limp cabbage, the family could only dream of affording a chocolate treat from Willy Wonka’s mysterious factory.    

Eccentric chocolatier Mr Wonka (Grace Chenery) has a brittle carapace but a soft centre when it comes to showing five lucky winners of gold tickets around his gloriously nutty empire.

The fortunate five include Charlie and an obnoxious quartet: Augustus Gloop (Alanna Pearman) a bulging Bavarian with yodelling chums in dirndl and lederhosen; Californian Pop Gum Queen Violet (Tabitha Gooding) who sparkled in midnight blue sequins and could well play a young Meghan Markle when The Crown has its next casting; Mike Teavee (Emilia Taylor), a device-addicted geek who can’t raise his eyes from his screen; and a spoilt Russian brat Veruca (Alexa Solhekol) … all chaperoned by their equally dysfunctional parents. 

For the complete review please click here.

If your child would like to be part of a kids drama company that receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill, click here.

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

This week our kids’ theatre group receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill!  At Dramacube we like to provide opportunities for people to experience the magic of musical theatre so we contacted local Girl Guides to see if they would be willing to review our show.  This winning collaboration also helps contribute towards the Girl Guides ‘Media Critic’ badge.  This is what the Guides thought of our shows:

Kids Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

A Backstage Review!

Last night I attended the captivating performance of Matilda. It was nothing short of magical. The production was filled with energy and talent. From Matilda to the menacing Miss Trunchball, every role was brought to life. The set design and special effects were nothing short of amazing, transporting everyone into Matilda’s world of imagination. (Emeline, Girl Guide)

Seeing Matilda was a great pleasure! All roles were played very well and with excitement. Every second was fantastic, especially Amanda’s pigtail problem! I loved Miss Trunchball- her rolling letters really had an effect on her personality. On the stage I could definitely see some future Hollywood stars! (Constance, Emeline’s Sister)

Our Lovely Media Critics!

This week I went to see Matilda Jr, performed by Dramacube’s, Walton Red Cast. They are a group of children aged 8 to 12 years old. Even though the cast was performed by young people they still performed it professionally, with skill and they never lost the humour. They all performed with good timing, remembered their lines and they sung really well.  My favourite character was Miss Trunchbull, as she gave a lot of humour to the play and the young actress who played her was excellent. The sets were amazing and perfectly laid out so the actors could easily move about. Even though it was shorter and more compact they still pulled it out of the bag. I would 100% recommend this to others to watch and for young people to join the cast. I would happily go and see other Dramacube performances. (Sophie, Girl Guide)

Our Revolting Children!

I had such an amazing time at Hampton Hill theatre. Staff were so friendly and welcoming. The talent on stage is amazing with so many bright young actors/actresses performing. The show made me laugh and smile. Thoroughly enjoyed going to see the show and will be returning in the future.  (Isabelle, Girl Guide)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a really engaging performance with a huge effort coming from all those involved in the production. The show was really well cast and the main performers had the most amazing voices and were extremely convincing actors. The ensemble worked together really well and all mistakes made were well covered up and went almost unnoticed (Megan, Girl Guide).

If you would like your child to be part of a kids theatre group that receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill, please click here.

Sarah Watson – Dramacube


Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!

Mum’s the Word in the Richmond Borough this month so with that theme in mind, read on to learn about the representation of motherhood in theatre. Let’s start with the colourful characters our 5-7 and 8–12-year-olds are currently getting naughty with in Matilda Jr.

Zinnia Wormwood- Matilda Jr.

Mrs Wormwood enters stage left with a waft of cheap perfume and clicking stilettos.  A rather shallow character who values wealth and appearance above education and individuality.  Although tough and ruthless, she only shows light villainous tendencies and a touch of regret about her failure to understand her only daughter.

Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!Miss Honey- Matilda Jr.

Proof that beauty can grow in the most challenging of circumstances, Miss Honey provides hope for our heroine and for the audience.  A caricature of the perfect teacher and mother all rolled into one.   Miss Honey reminds us all to reach for the stars and fight for what we want. Particularly interesting is the representation of motherhood in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory which our 13–18-year-olds are currently gobbling up! 5–12-year-olds will also be exploring Wonka in our Easter Holiday Workshops.

Mrs Bucket-Charlie & the Chocolate FactoryMum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!

Here, the role of motherhood appears impotent in more ways than one.  Mrs Bucket’s ill-fated existence has been moulded by the absence of Charlie’s father and she feels powerless to provide Charlie with the necessities of life.

Echoing this theme, in the 2nd act, Charlie’s mother is left behind and the role of guardian filled by Grandpa Joe. In the end it is Charlie and his male guardians who manage to succeed in achieving financial stability.

Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!Mother Nature-Moana

With next term fast approaching, let’s take a look at the role of motherhood in Moana. Apart from her familial relationships, the main role of the mother in Moana, comes in the form of Mother Nature.  This multi-layered tale coveys a profound message about our treatment of and relationship with Mother Nature.  Maui’s abuse of nature results in limited produce and a fire-breathing Te Ka whereas a more respectful approach brings the delightful Te Fiti who can restore balance once again. Enrolment for our Moana Jr. show for 8–12-year-old performers will open soon. 5-7-year-olds will also explore Moana in their Saturday classes.

So help us make sure that Mum’s the Word in the Richmond Borough! For more information about our award-winning shows or to treat your mother to theatre tickets, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Book Character Ideas for 5-7yrs in Richmond

With World Book Day fast approaching, parents are desperately seeking book character ideas for 5-7yrs in Richmond so we’ve decided to help you out with a few of the best!

Book Character Ideas for 5-7yrs in RichmondAnimal Characters

Many of our most-beloved children’s books include animals as the main character so Mog the Cat, Zog or 101 Dalmatians are popular choices for dress up days. You may be able to spend less or at least purchase something with further use, as many shops sell animal onesies which you can reuse as pyjamas once the event has passed.

School-based CharactersBook Character Ideas for 5-7yrs in Richmond

Several best-selling children’s books are set in schools which presents a particularly easy option for busy or less creative parents.  With a variety of characters to choose from- Matilda, Harry Potter and the Worst Witch to name but a few, you can easily add a few accessories to make your character stand out.  Having been voted as a number-one choice at Dramacube, we know that Matilda continues to be one of Roald Dahl’s most popular characters as it is loved by both our 5-7yrs Mini Musicals Group and our 8-12yrs who are currently rehearsing the stage show.

Book Character Ideas for 5-7yrs in RichmondDiverse Characters

Diversity is slowly gathering momentum on our book shelves, so if your child wishes to celebrate our beautifully diverse country or choose a character which best represents them, you have some fantastic characters to choose from. Rocket from Look Up, Greta Thunberg from the Big Dreams range, or Asiya from The Proudest Blue, will be both contemporary and original.

If you child loves dressing up as different characters, click here to find out more about our popular drama company.


Sarah Watson – Dramacube