Wizard of Oz – Initial Set Design Ideas

Initial Set Design Ideas from Christine Osborne

With our first rehearsal just 20 days away, our creative team have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is ready for our actors.

Using the Front Tabs

The set is an integral part of the production process, with both designer and directors needing to be happy with the final design before the first blocking can be set.

By having the set design agreed, our young performers in Hampton Hill and Twickenham casts will be able to block their respective shows, with a firm idea of how the set will look and what stage space they have to move around in.

You will see from the initial sketches that the design team are contemplating using the front tabs for the opening scene, then opening them to create a reveal for the land of Oz.

Once the design has been agreed by directors and set designer, a meeting is held with the technical manager at Hampton Hill Theatre to ensure that all aspects of the set will work in the space and comply with industry safety regulations.

Initial Concept for Design

This very thorough process helps to iron out any possible challenges which may arise during production week and ensures our cast and crew remain safe at all times.

Over the next three weeks, the design will be developed and a set model box will be made as a working model to test the design.

We’ll be posting regular costume and set design updates so watch this space!