Wizard of Oz Character Descriptions

Character Descriptions – Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale (Kansas and Oz): A sweet, innocent young lady with a streak of boldness, outspoken and headstrong, who dearly loves her family, friends and dog, Toto; Lives on a farm in Kansas with her Aunt Em & Uncle Henry, but dreams of escaping to a far-off place where she will not get into trouble. (Strong vocalist and dancer required.)

Aunt Em Gale: A typical, hard-working farmer’s wife who is firm & no-nonsense but also warm and caring.

Uncle Henry Gale: Farmer whose wife, Em, runs things; Adoring uncle to Dorothy; Non-singing role.

Hunk: Clumsy farmhand on the family’s Kansas farm; talks about being smart and having a brain. Good body control needed.

Scarecrow: Friend to Dorothy, clumsy, good body control, good pitch and musical rhythm.

Hickory: Kind, sweet and nurturing farmhand;

Tin Man: Has no heart but isvery caring. Good body control and pleasant singing voice.

Zeke: Farmhand who lacks courage. Non-singing part.

Lion: Acts tough, but fearful self comes out in any scary situation. Good comedic timing and strong character voice needed.

Miss Gulch: Well-off, cold-hearted Gale neighbor who hates Toto. Non-singing.

Wicked Witch of the West: Wants revenge on Dorothy. Non-singing but flair for the dramatic and able to cackle.

Toto: Dorothy’s beloved dog. Energetic role and able to bark with expression.

Professor Marvel: Traveling salesman who lives by telling fortunes; a con-man but with a good heart.

Wizard (Oz’s voice): Strong commanding voice with lots of dialogue.

Glinda: Good Witch of the North who is the mother figure for Munchkins and Dorothy whom she guides through Oz; delicate and graceful. Lovely singing voice required.

Munchkins: Little people who live in Munchkinland where Dorothy’s house lands after the cyclone; enthusiastic and joyful

Mayor, Coroner, Barrister and City Father: Munchkins with solo singing parts.

Apple Trees: Angry trees. Speaking only part.

Jitterbugs: Forest creatures who serve the Wicked Witch. Dancing part.

Doorman & Guard: Comical characters in Emerald City.

The Ozians: Citizens of Emerald City with group song and dance.

Flying Monkeys: The Wicked Witch’s menacing animal army. No lines or singing.

Nikko: Leader of the Flying Monkeys with a few lines.

Winkie Guards: The Wicked Witch’s enslaved guards. Some singing.

Leader of the Winkies: The leader of the Wicked Witch’s guards. No solo singing.