Theatrical Workshops for Kids this Summer!

Theatrical Workshops for kids this summer!

Word is out and tongues are wagging, you must have heard the news by now that Dramacube are offering a feast, no sorry, a banquet of theatrical workshops for kids this summer!  Beauty and the Beast is always a favourite choice- perhaps the love story, the setting, or the idea of good & evil in disguise, captures kids’ imaginations time and time again.

To celebrate this fabulous workshop choice, let’s take a look at other antagonists who use disguise to carry out their evil plans.

Theatrical Workshops for Kids this summer!

Beauty is only skin deep!

Ursula-The Little Mermaid

A wicked plan to overthrow King Triton, leads Ursula to his daughter Ariel, a mermaid who is desperately in love with a land-locked Prince.  The Sea Witch offers Ariel the chance to be human in exchange for her beautiful voice and a deadly deal which will land Ariel in prison if she fails to kiss the prince and become human within 3 days!  Once Ursula has ownership of Ariel’s voice, she disguises herself as Vanessa in order to thwart Ariels’ attempts with Prince Eric. We all know the outcome of this fabulous tale but one noteworthy mention which makes this villain particularly deadly- her ability to turn other creatures into sea polyps!  There is something so haunting about that idea.

Prince Hans-Frozen

Possibly one of the most reviled characters from all of the Disney films, Hans embodies the idiom of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.   He cleverly wins the heart of Anna in the blink of an eye and goes about pretending to help her on her quest to find Elsa and save Arendelle.  It is all just a ploy to become king and he leaves Anna to freeze to death.  Luckily Olaf is there to save the day and Anna’s “act of true love” is enough to melt everyone’s hearts.

Theatrical workshops for kids this summer

Not Just A Cuddly Bear!

Lotso- Toy Story 3

An embittered teddy bear disguises himself as the friendly leader of Sunnyside Daycare.   When Woody and Co end up there after a misunderstanding, they are made to feel welcome and at home.  It is not long before they realise that Lotso has turned the daycare centre into a toy prison and acquired the help of Buzz Lightyear by switching on his factory settings.  Luckily a happy ending ensues.

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Sarah Watson- Dramacube