The Wizard of Oz Costume Designs

The Wizard of Oz Costume Designs

Dorothy and Friends

With auditions and rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz fast approaching, our back stage team have been busy in pre-production developing set and costume ideas.

In this post, designer Christine Osborne shares her initial costume designs for some of the

Crow & Winged Monkeys

central characters in The Wizard of Oz.

All designs will be discussed with production directors Matthew Bunn and Stephen Leslie, then developed over the next four weeks in preparation for the sourcing and making process.

Emerald City Costumes

Our young actors will have an opportunity to try on their costume during our Sunday rehearsals in December.

Once our actors have tried on, and rehearsed in their costumes, Christine and her team will make any required alterations in advance of the second Dress rehearsal at Hampton Hill Theatre during production week.

This process ensures our casts have sufficient time to get use to their costumes and provides our back stage team with time make any changes needed before the performances.