“The show ran like clockwork”

Congratulations to all four casts of Alice in Wonderland Jr. who recently performed at the Watermans theatre in Brentford.  The show was opened by one of our Twickenham casts, swiftly followed by our Hampton Hill cast and then our Richmond and Kingston cast.

A reviewer from Mark Aspen attended the performance on Friday and saw the show with the Hampton Hill cast.

Magic From the Hat

Disney Alice in Wonderland Jr

music by Bryan Louiselle, adapted by David Simpatico from Lewis Carroll

Dramacube Productions, Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, until 24th March

Review by Eleanor Lewis

It’s safe to say at present that there are a lot of highly talented professional child performers around. Should they choose to stay in a difficult profession this gives us all something to look forward to in a decade or so when they reappear on stage and screen as equally talented adults. Judging by Dramacube’s production of Alice in Wonderland at Watermans this Friday some of this talent will hail from west London.  Read more …

Our next production; The Sound of Rebellion will start on 21st April and be performed at the new Exchange Theatre in Twickenham on 19th May.  To book visit our website.