The Benefits of Role Play

Young actress role plays the Good Witch

Role Playing The Good Witch

The benefits of role play are fundamental in helping a child to understand the world around them.  Here at Dramacube Productions we love nothing more than role play.  This week it was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day so every child got to role play for the day.  Schools were suddenly buzzing with Matildas, Alices, Cats wearing hats and various characters from The Wizard of Oz.  Teachers were able to get creative with the curriculum- spend time reading much-loved books and discuss features of the characters within them.  Given the chance to add a little drama to the day, some schools set role play challenges for the pupils to complete and happy memories were created for years to come.

The Benefits of Role Play at Dramacube

At Dramacube Productions, all age groups, including our 4-6, 7-11 and 14-18 yr olds get a chance to role play on a weekly basis, whether it be in preparation to play a part on stage or as a group exercise.  Our youngest members particularly enjoy showing off these new skills to their adults, as they did recently with their presentation of A Christmas Carol at the end of 2021.  As well as developing courage and bravery, there are a whole host of other key benefits that role playing can offer.

Young actresses role playing

4-6yrs Being Brave & Confident

Communication Skills & Confidence

For very young children, role play is essential as it enables them to communicate and practise their language skills with others.  Confidence is gained as children are allowed to experiment with new situations, explore and investigate the world around them.

Social Skills & Empathy

Social skills develop as children collaborate with others in group role play so they become more aware of themselves and other individuals.  By playing a different character, pupils also learn to empathise more by seeing the world form a different perspective.

Expressing Emotions

Role Play can also help to develop children emotionally. Children can learn more about how to express their emotions and ideas during role play which can really help with speaking and listening expectations at school.

Young child Role Playing

Expressing Emotions through Role Play

Time to be Creative!

Most important of all, by becoming another character in another world or setting, children get thechance to be creative, use their imaginations and have fun- which is what childhood should be all about!  If you think that your child or teen would benefit by joining Dramacube, please click here.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube