Summer Workshops for kids in Richmond & Elmbridge

Summer Workshops for kids in Richmond & Elmbridge

Our Summer Workshops for kids in Richmond & Elmbridge were a huge hit last year so Dramacube has decided to bring them back! This year we are offering the following:

4-6 Years – Drama Workshops inspired by Aladdin, Matilda, Tangled & Sing.

7-12 Years – Musical Theatre Workshops inspired by Peter Pan & Wendy & The Little Mermaid.

7-12 Years – Movie Makers Workshops.

13-18 Years – Youth Theatre Project inspired by Six the Musical.

So, with summer in mind, let’s look at ways to keep safe while you’re having fun!

What to Wear:Summer Workshops for kids in Richmond & Elmbridge

As the Australians say, slip, slop, slapslip on a shirt, slop on sun lotion and slap on a hat, to keep safe in the sun.

Dress your children in brightly coloured clothes as this makes them easy to spot in busy places such as playgrounds and beaches. Lifeguards also ask that we avoid buying blue/ aqua-coloured swimwear as this makes children almost invisible when they are underwater.

What to Do:

I read a brilliant post on Facebook recently that suggested taking a photo of your child before entering a beach or entertainment facility.  This way if you end up getting separated you will have the perfect image to show to security.

What to avoid:

Summer Workshops for Kids in Richmond & elmbridgeYou are at the beach and you want to enter the water slowly and calmly, so you scan the water for the calmest section as this also looks like the safest area.  I have made this mistake myself and I was WRONG!  Often when you see a clear pathway between the waves, it is in fact a riptide which will carry you quickly out to sea.

The key to surviving such an incident is not to attempt to swim back to shore (against the tide) but along and parallel to the beach until you reach the section with waves, then you will be able to swim back to shore with the waves helping you.

If you are interested in Summer Workshops for kids in the Richmond & Elmbridge area, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube