Summer Camps in Hampton

Summer Camps in Hampton

Dramacube will be hosting several summer camps in Hampton and surrounding areas this year. One such camp will be inspired by Disney’s Moana and include: drama, games, storytelling, singing, arts & crafts and much more! Parents and guardians will also be invited to a short presentation at the end of workshop.

Summer Camps in Hampton

Protect our Planet

Why did we choose Moana for our Summer camps in Hampton?

Who doesn’t love Moana?  The songs, the characters, the beautiful setting and fantastic storyline- all come together to build a visually stunning spectacle with an intriguing storyline.  At Dramacube we particularly love Moana because of its strong environmental message.  Although Disney doesn’t make it explicit, we are encouraged to draw comparisons between the degradation of natural resources in Motunui and our own planet, between the Islanders’ ignorant drive to carry on regardless and modern-man’s desire to self-destruct.  So, what can we do to help save the planet?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce the amount of waste we create.  Reuse items or buy reusable cups, bottle, bags etc.  Recycle everything that can be recycled so that it can be turned into other things.

Build Habitats

Summer Camps in Hampton

Plant Wildflowers

British Wildlife is struggling- we can help by building log-piles, bug houses and planting wildflowers.

Eat More Greens

Reducing the amount of meat you eat will help the fight against deforestation and the production of greenhouse gases.  Even if we can go vegan or vegetarian, a couple of nights a week, this could help.

Be Resourceful!

Most households are already doing this for several reasons but reducing energy and water waste in your house can really help.  Keep an eye out for unnecessary lighting, gadgets being on standby and dripping taps!

Summer Camps in Hampton

A Decade of Dramacube

What is Dramacube doing to Help the Environment?

Dramacube has made its own green pledge to celebrate A Decade of Dramacube.  We will be funding planters in Hampton Hill High Street, planting trees in Bushy Park and working closely with local schools to make green spaces more accessible to children.

If you think your child would like to join Moana in her environmental crusade, please click here!  You’re welcome!

Sarah Watson-Dramacube