Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer activities for kids

Dramacube Summer Activities for Kids!

This year Dramacube have really splashed out on their summer activities for kids, with a wide variety of workshops including: Encanto, Moana, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

The 8th June was World Ocean’s Day, so to celebrate this and the announcement of our Little Mermaid workshop, lets take a deep dive into the issue of ocean pollution.

summer activities for kids

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

Ocean Facts:

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of 2 floating islands of debris in the North Pacific Ocean.  It covers roughly 1.6 million km2 – an area three times the size of France! Most of the waste is microscopic or has floated to the seabed!

700 species of animal are affected by plastic pollution in the ocean

10% of dead animals found during beach clean ups have been entangled in plastic bags

5 trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in the ocean

90% of sea birds mistake plastic for food

52% of sea turtles have eaten plastic

What’s being done?

summer activities for kids

The Ocean Clean Up Machine!

Innovators, like Boyan Slat, CEO of The Ocean Clean Up, are dedicating their lives to creating technology that will clean up our oceans.  Since research began, they have realised the complexity of their mission. Much of the waste is microscopic and sits in the sediment on the ocean floor.  Also, they are struggling to invent a waste collecting device which can decipher between rubbish and wildlife.  Progress is constant and Slat plans to clean up 90% of all ocean litter by 2040- what an amazing man!

How can you help?

Educate Yourselves! Dramacube were recently introduced to an INCREDIBLE company called Earth Cubs who teach children about sustainability and the world around them using storytelling, games and much more!

summer activities for kids

Summer Workshops

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! Greenhouse gases are making our oceans more acidic- forcing our reefs and certain species of marine life to struggle. You can help by cycling rather than driving, switching off household devices and keeping the heating off for as long as possible.

Be Gentle at the Rock Pool! Help marine life by treating it delicately and returning it back to it’s original habitat.

Use less plastic!


If your child would like to join our summer activities for kids.  Please click here!

Dramacube- Sarah Watson