Spooky Activity in the Richmond Borough!

Spooky Activity in the Richmond Borough

With Halloween fast-approaching the Dramacube team have been busy creating some spectacularly spooky activity in the Richmond Borough. With this theme in mind lets take a look at some shockingly scary stories from Teddington, Twickenham and Hampton Court!

Langdon Park- Teddington (formerly Normansfield Hospital)

Spooky Activity in Richmond Borough

Langdon Down Museum

Ghostly sightings and unexplained bumps in the night! Formerly known as Normansfield Hospital, the Langdon Park estate still houses the impressive Victorian Theatre and the Langdon Down Centre which both hold echoes of the past and possibly much more…Despite the positively glowing history of the former hospital, staff at the Grade II listed building report being pushed, hearing solitary pianos being played and footsteps behind them.   Activity once built to such an extent that The London Paranormal Society led by Ian Shillito of television’s Most Haunted fame was inspired to conduct its own experiment. Perhaps the Normansfield residents were just so happy there, they just couldn’t bear to leave!

Hampton Court Palace- East Molesey

Spooky Activity in the Richmond Borough

Divorced, Beheaded, Spooked?

Perhaps more famously, the ghosts and ghouls of Hampton Court Palace continue to entertain and delight us.  Having been resident to England’s most despotic King, Henry VIII, it is no surprise that staff and visitors often witness the spirits of his ex- wives desperately fleeing down halls and corridors.  However, I believe that the more recent incident (caught on CCTV) of a male figure dressed in period attire, throwing open a set of fire doors, presents the most compelling evidence of all.

Oak Lane- Twickenham

Spooky Activity in the Richmond Borough

Dramacube’s Spooky Activities!

A few years back I was reading The Richmond & Twickenham Times when I noted a particularly interesting letter written by an elderly gentleman who had grown up on Oak Lane in Twickenham.  He explained, rather casually, that his childhood home had been actively haunted by a ghost.  This spectre would happily appear before them and occasionally set off the long redundant servant bells on the ground floor! He was writing to discover if the following residents had borne witness to such phenomena but unfortunately nobody replied.

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Sarah Watson – Dramacube