Special Effects Make-Up on Mad Max: Fury Road


This week at Movie-Makers, children were taught how to apply special-effects make-up.  Thus, learning techniques used for film and television which will soon be put to good use in their own film-making debut.

Mad Max:  Fury Road

The blood and the gore got me thinking about the amazing display of skill shown in Mad Max:  Fury Road.  Lesley Vanderwalt got an Oscar nomination for the post-apocalyptic hair and make-up.  Her dark and visionary displays of brilliance worked seamlessly with Jenny Beavan’s costume design.

Furiosa & the Five Wives

Furiosa had to reflect the reality of living in a male-dominated wasteland.  A shaved head to cope with the heat and strategically placed bandages to camouflage her femininity.  The finishing touch: a band of black paint covering her eyes.  Using metallic pigment that looked like grease from one of the dusty rigs. Cleverly, the characters start to morph into their vehicles- their survival tools- in a place where life is cheap and transport is gold.

In stark contrast to this, the Five Wives epitomise femininity with windswept braids, dusty faces and tones of white and cream.  The strain of their existence evident only, in some of their skeletal frames and sunken eyes.

Mad Max

A walking-talking survival kit.  Hardy’s new Max was given a more military look.  As a solitary character responsible for only himself, Max was dressed with bandages around his wrists, knives, sewing and first aid kits.  A scarf to beat the elements and a leather jacket to bring him into the Millenium.

The War Boys

The War Boys decaying corpses, were brought to life with chalky hues and heat cracked lips.  Life defying wounds and cancerous lumps made certain characters upsetting to watch.  Nux choosing to brand himself with a V8 engine, suggesting the idea that his car is an extension of him.

Immortan Joe

Perhaps the most unsettling of all, the leader of the chaos, with his skeleton mouth mask to hide breathing apparatus and chest armour, adorning medals, to disguise an outbreak of Syphilis oozing silently beneath.

Special Effects Wound



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Sarah Watson- Dramacube