Set Designs for Annie JR

Set designer Sally Somerville-Woodiwis has been busy working on her initial design ideas for Annie JR.  There are five design concepts which act as our starting point.  This is the first.

In this post, Sally explains a little about this image which is a general set up for the production.

The city skyline: I was thinking of attaching fairy lights to the back of the flats which will give it a glow.

The backdrop will include front and backs of buildings to give some perspective.  The design also features a suggestions of the 45th street bridge in the right corner.

In this design I’ve put Warbucks’ mansion/office on top of the decking.  The orphanage/ Miss Hannigan’s office is below the decking.

The two sets of treads leading down onto stage give the impression of the orphanage being an attic shape.  This concept represents the divide in class.

There is also the option to use a gauze to hide the orphanage during the scenes at Warbucks’ mansion.  We’d need to consider the choreography before deciding on this.