Santa in Walton this week!

Santa in Walton this week!

Did you know that Santa is in Walton this week?

Following on from the success of Ellie & Starlight and Ellie & Starlight’s Christmas Adventure, which both played at Hampton Hill Theatre over the last few years, Stephen Leslie Productions decided to spread the joy to The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse in Walton!


Originally, Ellie & Starlight started out as a book, telling the story of Ellie the Yupik Eskimo and her sinking Alaskan house. This was transformed into an inspiring musical, teaching children about global warming.  The characters were so adored by local children- Ellie with her head-strong spirit and Starlight with his clumsy comedy- that the writers decided to create a Christmas show.

Christmas Show

Santa in Walton this week!

Come & See Santa on Stage!

At the end of the last story (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen this!), Ellie’s village had to be moved, so this Christmas, Ellie is terrified that Father Christmas won’t know where to deliver presents for the villagers.

Therefore, Ellie and her best Friend Starlight the Polar Bear are off on another adventure, only this time they are heading for the North Pole to find Father Christmas!

This heart-warming magical Christmas story is a tale of a little girl’s determination to find Father Christmas and tell him that all the boys and girls in her village have had to move to a new place.

She must reach the North Pole before Christmas Eve or it will be too late and none of the children will get a Christmas present this year.

Ellie and Starlight embark on a difficult journey across snowy mountains where they meet lots of different animals on their way to the North Pole.  Can you help them to find Father Christmas?

This atmospheric and festive production is the perfect family show to get you into the Christmas spirit.  Suitable for children aged 3 – 8yrs. The production is performed by a cast of professional actors and may provide you with your last chance to see Santa before Christmas! Click here for tickets!

Others Shows in Walton this Christmas

Annie Jr.
14th – 15th December 2023
Performances 5pm and 7.30pm

Award-winning Dramacube Productions are delighted to present Annie Jr. Join everyone’s favourite red-head, as she escapes the orphanage to find her real parents.

If you would like to see Santa in Walton this week, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube