Richmond drama club affiliated with kids talent agency!

The secret’s out- a Richmond drama club is affiliated with a kids talent agency, and yes you guessed it, it’s us! Dramacube are affiliated with Rotten Orphans talent agency who now represent many of our students working in film, television and theatre.  So this week, we’re digging deep to find out more about this fantastic agency from Charlotte at Rotten Orphans.

Hi Charlotte, can you tell me a bit about your background?
After lots of amateur dramatics as a child, I signed up to a children’s talent agency and had roles in Commercials, TV and theatre until my 20’s. The most obscure role was playing the ‘victim’ on a Crimewatch reconstruction!  I studied acting at Drama school and University (where I met the brilliant Matt from Dramacube) and worked for both a children’s agency and an adult’s agency. 

What inspired you to set up a Rotten Orphans talent agency for young performers?
The inspiration really came from Matt, Steve and Dramacube! After having so many talented performers join Dramacube, it seemed the perfect opportunity to help them take their acting careers to the next level. The name ‘Rotten Orphans‘ was inspired by the musical Annie.

What is the best thing about your role as an Agent?
No day is the same, you must expect the unexpected. The best bit is seeing a child succeed and realise their dream, whether it’s a film role or a theatre job. We have had some lovely moments where we have been able to tell a young actor they have secured a brilliant job!

What do you find most challenging?
Everything is very fast paced.  You don’t always get much warning with castings so our parents have to be on their toes. You also have to be super organised as there are always lots of castings, recalls and tapes to deal with. I get through a lot of notebooks!

What’s been your greatest achievement at Rotten Orphans?
The agency officially reopened last summer and we have been so fortunate with the opportunities we have had! We have several children currently working on a feature film this week and only today, have had two confirm for West End roles. We can’t wait to go and see them in action!

Would you recommend becoming an Agent?
It’s a really exciting job, I feel very lucky to have a job I love. I loved the industry but didn’t want to be in front of the camera anymore so it’s a nice balance.

What do you look for in a performer?
We can tell if a child has something about them, a spark that makes them stand out. TV and theatre acting are different so you look for different qualities but ultimately, we need performers who are reliable, motivated and willing to work hard. From a skills point of view, children who have languages, musical instruments or can use different accents are interesting as we can put them up for a variety of roles.

Are there any casting types you are hoping to sign right now?
We do have casting gaps, especially with boys! We would love to sign more singers, children who are good with accents and those from a diverse background. If you have anything different you can bring to the table, we are always happy to hear from exciting new talent.

How do people join your agency- what is the process? Our books are currently open and we proudly represent several Dramacube students. Please email us at with all your details and we will come back to you with further steps.

If your child would like to join a musical theatre group with great connections, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube