Richmond Borough Kids Group-Green Pledges!!

Richmond Borough Kids Group

Calling all eco-warriors to action!!  Do you love Dramacube? Do you love our planet?  Do you love our green spaces? Do you love our local community? If so, read on!

As part of our Decade of Dramacube celebration, we set out a number of green pledges to help improve our local environment and we are putting our words into action!

Dig Day-Hampton Hill Junior School

Richmond Borough Kids Group

Dramacube Mucking In!

On Sunday 16th October, Hampton Hill Junior School will be hosting their own Dig Day from 2pm-5pm.  This happens on an annual basis and involves restoring and reviving an existing green space within the school grounds.  This is a very special area for the school as it is used by their gardening club and provides both wellbeing and learning benefits. As a Richmond Borough Kids Group we wanted to help support other children in our borough.

How a Richmond Borough Kids Group is Helping

  • We are calling on all Dramacube students and parents to join the Dramacube Team to get mucky & help the school maintain their green space.
  • We will be donating (not just pledging like Amber Heard!) £100 towards the cost of new plants to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the garden.
  • Dramacube are contacting other local businesses to match our donation…so watch this space!

The Impact of Green Spaces- Child Development & Mental Health

According to a review by Rachel McCormick in 2017, access to green space is associated with:

Richmond Borough Kids Group

Green Spaces are Fundamental!

  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Improved behaviour
  • Better overall health and cognitive development
  • Attention restoration
  • Stress moderation
  • Higher test scores
  • Better self-discipline
  • Stronger memory function
  • Overall competence

How to Get Involved!

If you would like to come and help out please email

Dramacube are currently offering several summer holiday workshops. To find out more about our fantastic group, please visit

Sarah Watson-Dramacube