Richmond Borough Drama classes promote wellbeing in 5-7yr olds!

At Dramacube we have always known the importance of the performing arts and that our Richmond Borough Drama classes promote wellbeing in 5-7yr olds!  So let’s explore the impact of drama on young children.

Managing Anxiety

Let’s be honest, confidence can get you everywhere in life and a big part of that confidence comes from being able to perform in front of others and/ or under pressure. If your child can master and manage their anxiety at a young age, the world is their oyster! Getting up on stage is like nothing else and, quite frankly, if they have the courage to do this, then they can do anything!

Busy Brains!

Our improvisation games involve being able to think on the spot and this really helps to improve children’s learning and the speed of their responses. Being creative will engage them in a very different way and an inspired child is a happy child.

Social Creatures

Being part of a friendly, inclusive group can create stability for your child and give them a safe space to interact with their peers.  Life-long friendships are forged at Dramacube and may provide some light relief when playground politics get too much!

A Break from Maths!

The school week is currently dominated with maths and English and the arts can be neglected- through no fault of the teachers!  Giving your child the chance to work with specialised drama teachers, whilst being creative and having fun, is priceless!

Emotional Intelligence

By playing different characters, children can learn about perspective and empathy. They may explore various emotions and how to deal with them in different ways. Drama may even serve as a means of expressing certain emotions that children find tricky to articulate.

Don’t Stop Moving!

Our classes are very active and will help to keep your children on the go! Dancing, singing, playing and moving will get their little hearts pumping and their cheeks rosy!

If you would like to find out more about Richmond Borough Drama classes which promote wellbeing in 5-7yr olds, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube