Peter Pan Jr. Character List

Before applying for performance rights for our next show, we presented the current cast with a number of options and ask them to vote for shows they would love to appear in. We were delighted that so many children wanted us to do Peter Pan, not only because it is a truly magical show, but because there are so many great parts for our young actors to play. There are 33 parts in total plus many ensemble roles, ensuring that every member of the cast will be challenged in a fun and creative way.


Peter Panthe boy who wouldn’t grow up

Tinker BellPeter Pan’s fairy and the Narrator of the story

The Fairies; Iridessa, Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn, Lyria & VidiaTinker Bell’s friends

Wendythe eldest Darling child and a gifted story-teller

Johnthe middle Darling child and brother to Wendy and Michael

Michael the youngest Darling child and brother to Wendy and John

Mr. Darlingthe Father of Wendy, Michael and John

Mrs. Darlingthe Month of Wendy, Michael and John

Nanathe Darling children’s nursemaid and dog

Captain Hooka dangerous villain who seeks revenge on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand

SmeeCaptain Hook’s first mate and loyal servant

The Pirates; Jukes, Flint, Cookson, Murphy, Noodler & SkylightsCaptain Hook’s gang of Henchmen

The Crocodilea reptile who ate a ticking clock and Captain Hook’s hand

The Lost Boys; Cubby, Skunk, Hop, Fox & the Raccoon TwinsPeter Pan’s gang of orphans

Chief Tiger Bambooleader of the Indians and Father to Tiger Lily

Tiger LilyChief Tiger Bamboo’s daughter and Princess of the Island

The Indians; Brave Pine, Brave Oak, Brave Shrubnative inhabitants of Never Land

The Mermaids; Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella & Allanabeautiful sea creatures and friends of Peter Pan