Oliver Twist Escapes his Fate in the Richmond Borough!

Oliver Twist Escapes fate Richmond Borough

Oliver Twist escapes his fate in the Richmond Borough, or more specifically Hampton Hill Theatre, when Dramacube presents Oliver Jr from 5th to 7th May.  Having written several blogs about Twist and the horrors of the workhouse I got to thinking about my Great Grandmother who faced the same tough start in life.

Oliver Twist Escaping Fate in the Richmond Borough

Elizabeth Escaped!

At the meagre age of 7, Elizabeth found herself abandoned but also guardian to 3 younger siblings, one of whom would quickly succumb to the deadly living conditions.  Between the high rates of disease and the poor quality of life, the workhouse was often seen as a dead-end that few would survive, but somehow, she did.   I can only put it down to resilience and a gritty determination to dream beyond the dire circumstances that threatened to consume her and I feel we can all learn something from that hardy generation.  So, how can we now inspire our own generation of children to dream big?

Inspire them with Role Models

Finding positive role models for children can really help to inspire them- having a practical example can also provide them with a pathway to achieving their goals. Here in the Richmond Borough, we are spoilt for choice with Keira Knightly having been educated in Teddington and both Tom Hardy and Martin Freeman treading the boards as teenagers in Richmond and Hampton Hill.  However, role models can also come in the form of family members or people of influence in your child’s life.

Inspire them with Commitment

Teaching young people the art of commitment and hard work can really help to set your child up for the future.  Encouraging them to join local groups or events with achievable goals can help your child to become a useful team member which is an essential part of any career.  As we know, success of any kind can always be pinned down to hard work and commitment so these will be fundamental factors in making any big dreams come true.

Inspire them with Nature

Oliver Twist Escapes his Fate in the Richmond Borough

Martin Freeman at YAT!

Being in beautiful, natural surroundings can make you feel like anything is possible.  A long walk in a local park, a picnic by the river, a paddle in the sea can open the mind and the possibilities that follow.   The cycles of nature: the tides of the sea; the changing colour of leaves; the daffodils in spring remind us of our ability to renew ourselves and to keep pushing on through difficult times. Resilience is essential to achievement.

Inspire them with Creativity

Our education system currently allows little time for creativity. Luckily, clubs like Dramacube are on hand to provide a fulfilling and inspiring outlet for your child’s creativity.  Access to the arts, including: dance, drama, singing, movement, music, and arts & crafts opens young minds to endless possibilities, to culture, history, diversity but most importantly to the idea of dreaming big.

If you would like your child to dream big, click here for more info.

Sarah Watson – Dramacube