A Note From the Director of Elf The Musical Jr.

It is hard to believe that half term is almost upon us, and even harder to believe that we now miss a week of rehearsals!  We’ve made a really good start to the production, blocking some major scenes, and the time and resource we’ve invested in supporting our young cast with line and lyric learning is really paying off.  I’ve been very impressed with the attitude of so many children who have already learnt large chunks of text and clearly given lots of thought to their character.  Children gain so much more from rehearsals when they are properly prepared.  Blocking a scene which the cast already have a good understanding of, helps everyone involved. It is this commitment and professionalism that so many of the group are already demonstrating, which will give us a show to be proud of this Christmas.

There is so much positivity coming for the groups each week with children coming up with great ideas for their costume, suggestions for the set design and thoughts on props.  It is a lovely environment to work in and I’m really looking forward to two great shows at Hampton Hill Theatre in December.

We may not have rehearsals during half term but this is a great opportunity for children to dedicate some time to working on their roles in the show.  Every child has a line and lyric learning diary at the back of their script and we ask all parents to support their children in helping them to complete these diaries and come back after half term knowing all of their lines. The hard work begins in November and we need everyone to be fully focussed on this great show.