News from The Cube!

News from the Cube!

As the dark Covid-19 clouds hang dangerously low over our heads once again there is much doom and gloom about the months ahead so I wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to all the positive happenings which have taken place over the past couple of weeks.

We ended the first half of the Autumn term with our Twickenham and Hampton Hill groups sharing their ghost stories on stage and performing to a live audience for the first time since December last year.

It was such a pleasure to see our students perform so well and to once again feel that buzz which only live performance brings.

That very same week our younger class who also meet in Hampton Hill shared some of their work in a delightful little performance based on Treasure Island which included a treasure hunt, meeting numerous pirates and slow-motion sword fighting.

Half term brought us another scary story, this time about a Witch, a Dog and a Ghost. Much fun was had, and children enjoyed working with our guest artist Hannah Calarco from Pep and Bear who opened the workshop with pumpkin making and balloon sculpting.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with all the children who attended the workshop, and very much enjoyed their performance on the afternoon of day 3.


I’ve also heard news of student Lottie Azurdia-latter making it through to round 2 of the Voice. Student Julia Montesanti will also be auditioning very soon. We wish both girls the very best of luck.

Finally, I wanted to share some news about Twickenham student Sophia Renahan.

Over lockdown Sophia started to teach herself ballet using some online tutorials and a weekly live class. A couple of weeks ago she went for a trial at Marble Hill Dance Studio and they’ve invited her to their Associate programme and she’s now on a vocational track to see if she has what it takes to dance professionally.

We are absolutely thrilled for Sophia and wish her every success.

Wishing you all well for the months ahead.

Stephen Leslie