News from The Cube!

News from the Cube!

When we reopened our regular classes in September, we had no idea how long we’d get before another set back.

There were indeed numerous occasions when the gloom and doom seemed to be winning but here we are, in late October, having made it all the way to half term!

The journey hasn’t always been smooth, with many children off, taking precautionary self-isolation but having reached week six we were able to enjoy four wonderful performances on stage with a live audience and once again that Dramacube buzz was alive and kicking!

Students performed their chilling ghost story to socially distanced audiences in Twickenham and Hampton Hill, receiving rapturous applause and high praise for their efforts.

It was such a joy seeing our young actors filled with pride, excitement and a sense of achievement as they shared their work through acting, singing and dance.

My thanks to all who came along to support and give the children that wonderful feeling of live theatre.

Stay safe and have a very happy half term everyone!

Stephen Leslie