News from The Cube

News from the Cube!

I wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to the Dramacube Team who have all been amazing since lockdown was imposed back in March.

For the majority of Dramacube teachers, who work on a free-lance basis, all work ended with immediate effect as soon as schools closed.

The impact of lockdown measures saw many of the team return to their home towns with no option to come back until life returns to normal.

I’m pleased to say that we’ve now been able to bring many of our wonderful teachers back for different projects, but there has sadly been one huge gap among us with Director Matt Bunn still residing in Devon.

So, it seemed only appropriate that the Dramacube AGM was relocated to Exeter this year where we were able to catch up with Matt and finally present him with his Arts Richmond Swan Award for Best Youth Production.

Many of you will know Matt, particularly from our Twickenham casts and you will be pleased to hear that despite missing his London life terribly he’s doing really well.

Whilst Matt has been in the West country, he has been developing some new ideas for Dramacube as well as learning Spanish. Muy impresionante!

It was so lovely to see him and discuss ideas and we really hope to see him soon. There is a chance he may be able to join us for our October half term workshops in Hampton Hill but we’ll wait to hear on the Government announcement this evening before confirming anything.

My thanks and gratitude go to all of the team who have been so understanding and supportive throughout this challenging time and I cannot wait to return to a full Dramacube offering enabling everyone to come together again and do what we do best!

Wishing you all well as we head into the next phase.

Stephen Leslie