News from The Cube!

News from the Cube!

It has now been over six months since our production of Annie Jr. was pulled at the very last moment.

As difficult as it was at the time, we were comforted with the idea that this unprecedented scenario would soon be in the past and the show would soon be back on.

Who could have predicted how life would change?

Our initial thoughts focussed on performances over the summer holidays … then September once the schools went back … then after the October half term or perhaps even a Christmas show?

I think we’ve all learned enough now to know that planning anything comes with a high risk and with all the groundwork which goes into producing a show, there are many questions to be asked before making a commitment.

For those of you who read last week’s blog, you’ll know that I was hugely impressed with the efforts of the Troubadour Theatre, in Wembley Park, who successfully hosted a huge musical, starring former Dramacube student Jack Reynolds.

The efficiency and professionalism of the staff was exemplary and it gave me a great sense of hope that we could stage Annie Jr. sooner rather than later.

That very same week we were bombarded with headlines of gloom and doom and new restrictions imposed to help ‘stop the spread’.

So where does that leave us?

The Facts:

  • We now have permission to perform the show at Hampton Hill Theatre
  • A maximum audience capacity of 51 per show would be enforced
  • The show would be immediately cancelled if any member of the cast or crew were to contract Covid-19.

As much as we want to stage the show as soon as possible for our amazing young performers, we also have to take into account the journey they’ve been on and how further disappointment would be devastating for everyone.

Losing the show at such a late stage was emotionally draining but the financial impact was also huge.

We normally spend £10,000 to £12,000 on a production and breakeven with audiences of between 150 – 200 so a capacity of 50 would see us endure further losses which would not be sustainable.

We are exploring the option of switching to a larger theatre which would give us an audience of around 120 which may help with the finances however, it would not eradicate the risk of the show being cancelled if a member of the company became ill or if a further more stringent lockdown was imposed. I’m not sure I could endure that again!

Further discussions will continue with Hampton Hill Theatre this week as well as exploring other options, however at present I feel we are more likely to see Annie Jr. back on stage sometime between March and May next year.

With this in mind we may start to look at rehearsals again to help students remain in touch with their production.

Above all else the safety of our actors, team and you, our audience, remains a priority and we will need to be absolutely certain we are making the right decision before moving forward.

We would value your feedback and you can expect to receive a survey later this month. Please help us understand where you stand as this will play an important part in our decision-making process.

As always, thank you for your support.

Stay safe!

Stephen Leslie