News from the Cube!

News from the Cube!

Almost 12 months on and they still inspire and amaze us!

Huge congratulations to the cast of “Dramacube does Disney” for their entertaining reflection of life in lock-down.

It was an absolute pleasure working on this project and Matt and Abbey would like to thank every student for their commitment, energy and enthusiasm.

With some distant hope that we might return to normality around April we’ll be running one more short on-line programme.


Think all things Harry Potter, Matilda, Wicked, Shrek, Peter Pan, Wizards, Witches, Spells and Potions.

Bring your spell books, cauldrons and Owls, jump on the Hogwarts express and brace yourselves as we fly through 4 weeks of magic classes and finish with The Dramacube Magical Talent show…a show where anything can happen!

So get practising defying gravity, brewing polyjuice potions and conjuring up your best magical spells.Meet us on Zoom on Saturday 20th February…EXPELLIARMUS!

We will meet each Saturday for 4 weeks finishing on 13th March. The times are 10.30am – 12.00 noon.

The Project Fee will be: £50 per child. (10% sib. discount applies)

Register now by emailing us at

Happy half term everyone and stay safe!

Stephen Leslie