Music Theatre International – Guidance on Casting Decisions

Annie Jr. Cast

Music Theatre International – Guidance on Casting Decisions

Trust the director’s judgement.  The director is casting an ensemble, not just one or two ‘lead’ roles. It’s so important for the cast to understand the importance of working together as an ensemble and to see the production as a whole – not as individual parts that seem less or more important than others.

Remind your child that everyone’s contribution is important and valued.

Let your child discuss ideas for characteristics for his or her role.  Is she peppy or indifferent? Is he confident or awkward? Ultimately, the director might have specific character qualities in mind, but this will introduce your child to the basics of acting.

Take the role to another level by encouraging your child to create a ‘back story’ for his or her character.  Where is the character from? Why is the character in the show? Half the fun is that the audience never has to know the character’s back story, but this exploration by your child will round out the character even more.  Again, have fun, but create a story that works realistically within the director’s vision for the show.

After the casting, some children may wish to count their lines, but this should be discouraged.  The author’s created every character for a reason, and each role impacts the entire production.