Mum’s the Word in the Richmond Borough!

Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!

Mum’s the Word in the Richmond Borough this month so with that theme in mind, read on to learn about the representation of motherhood in theatre. Let’s start with the colourful characters our 5-7 and 8–12-year-olds are currently getting naughty with in Matilda Jr.

Zinnia Wormwood- Matilda Jr.

Mrs Wormwood enters stage left with a waft of cheap perfume and clicking stilettos.  A rather shallow character who values wealth and appearance above education and individuality.  Although tough and ruthless, she only shows light villainous tendencies and a touch of regret about her failure to understand her only daughter.

Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!Miss Honey- Matilda Jr.

Proof that beauty can grow in the most challenging of circumstances, Miss Honey provides hope for our heroine and for the audience.  A caricature of the perfect teacher and mother all rolled into one.   Miss Honey reminds us all to reach for the stars and fight for what we want. Particularly interesting is the representation of motherhood in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory which our 13–18-year-olds are currently gobbling up! 5–12-year-olds will also be exploring Wonka in our Easter Holiday Workshops.

Mrs Bucket-Charlie & the Chocolate FactoryMum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!

Here, the role of motherhood appears impotent in more ways than one.  Mrs Bucket’s ill-fated existence has been moulded by the absence of Charlie’s father and she feels powerless to provide Charlie with the necessities of life.

Echoing this theme, in the 2nd act, Charlie’s mother is left behind and the role of guardian filled by Grandpa Joe. In the end it is Charlie and his male guardians who manage to succeed in achieving financial stability.

Mum's the Word in the Richmond Borough!Mother Nature-Moana

With next term fast approaching, let’s take a look at the role of motherhood in Moana. Apart from her familial relationships, the main role of the mother in Moana, comes in the form of Mother Nature.  This multi-layered tale coveys a profound message about our treatment of and relationship with Mother Nature.  Maui’s abuse of nature results in limited produce and a fire-breathing Te Ka whereas a more respectful approach brings the delightful Te Fiti who can restore balance once again. Enrolment for our Moana Jr. show for 8–12-year-old performers will open soon. 5-7-year-olds will also explore Moana in their Saturday classes.

So help us make sure that Mum’s the Word in the Richmond Borough! For more information about our award-winning shows or to treat your mother to theatre tickets, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube