“Matilda the Musical” Update.

Dramacube "Matilda The Musical" rehearsal - Nov. 2021

“Matilda the Musical” Update

Our amazing Matilda casts sprung back into action this weekend, impressing us with how much they’d learnt over the half term holidays.

With our Twickenham casts rehearsing at St. Mary’s University the drama studios were once again buzzing with all the big numbers from the show.

As Covid works its way through our groups and then our team, I was called in to cover for our director Matt.

It was the first time I’ve seen a rehearsal this term and it was a real treat to see how far our young actors had come.

I was particularly impressed with School Song, which also seems to be a favourite among our talented students. The energy levels in the room are already sky high so I cannot wait to see these shows on stage at Hampton Hill Theatre this Christmas.

I look forward to seeing you all in December!

Best wishes,

Steve Leslie

Dramacube "Matilda the Musical" rehearsal

Dramacube “Matilda the Musical” rehearsal at “St. Mary’s University” – Twickenham / Nov 2021


Dramacube "Matilda the Musical" rehearsal at "St. Mary’s University" - Twickenham