Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids!

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

This summer, Dramacube will be running Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for kids in Hampton Hill and York.  To celebrate this news and Father’s Day, let’s take a look at memorable father figures in film history.

The Shining

When Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) becomes caretaker of The Overlook hotel for the Winter, he moves his family in and hopes to overcome his writer’s block.  The evil spirit of the hotel has other plans for Jack, who along with his son, suffers frequent and terrifying psychic visions.  As Jack spirals into a maniacal lunatic his family struggle to escape his grasp and you are left with the troubling notion that history will continue to repeat itself at The Overlook Hotel.

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

Battling Stereotypes

Hotel Transylvania

Despite his old-fashioned views and permanent frustration with his unfounded stereotype, Dracula always has the best intentions for his family.  A need to protect his children and his hotel from the modern world leads him into all sorts of trouble.  Once a human is brought into the fold, he finally relents and realises that he needs to move with the times- whatever is good for his family is good for him!

Leon The Professional

The film that rocketed Natalie Portman’s career into the stratosphere was crippled by controversy but still remains one of the most authentic films of all time.  When Mathilda’s parents are killed, she seeks solace in the reluctant guardianship of Leon, a professional hitman. Leon sets about teaching Mathilde all he knows, with some great frustration and comedy moments along the way. As the relationship unfolds against a backdrop of horror and violence, Mathilde is able to breakthrough his tough exterior and they both experience love for the first time in their lives.  By the end of the film, we are all in love with Leon.

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

Experimenting with camera shots!

Despicable Me

Another unlikely hero comes in the form of reformed-super-villain, Gru.  Despite his grand plan to steal the moon and take over the world, he is distracted by a group of lovable orphans and ends up caring more about them than his original devious plot.  Bad characters turned good are all the more lovable for some unknown reason.

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Sarah Watson-Dramacube