More Costume Designs!

Children in Hampton Hill and Twickenham Casts

Meet the Children!

Costume designer Akshy Marayen has shared with us designs for Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy.

You’ll see from the above image that Akshy has opted for a traditional design with the boys wearing short trousers, shirts and pullovers and the girls in skirts or dresses.

As described in the the text, the trademark fur coats are included in the images, which the children borrow from the wardrobe.

Our Hampton Hill and Twickenham casts will have an initial Dress Rehearsal in one of the studio theatres at St. Mary’s University in early December, then a second Dress Rehearsal at Hampton Hill theatre during production week.

Watch this space for more posts about the costume designs for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.