Matilda Jr is coming to the Richmond Borough!

Matilda JR is coming to Richmond Borough

Matilda Jr is coming to the Richmond Borough, thanks to Dramacube!

The last few weeks our 8-12yrs performers have been ridiculously revolting: recreating Miss Trunchball’s ghastliness, mastering Matilda’s magical moves and harmonising like Miss Honey.  Luckily for local audiences, tickets are now available to witness this revolt on stage in Hampton Hill from 13th-21st March. With this exciting news in mind, we have some mind-altering facts for you about the Matilda franchise.

Magical Facts About MatildaMatilda Jr Richmond Borough

The actor, who played Bruce Bogtrotter in the original film, despised chocolate but had to spend 3 weeks pretending to eat it!

Roald Dahl struggled to write Matilda and had to re-write the entire book twice!

At 4ft 5in tall, Matilda Wormwood is the smallest leading lady on Broadway.

More than 200 child actors performed in the recent film adaptation.  It was rumoured that the girl playing Matilda had some magical skills of her own, as she always remembered her lines!

Matilda is one of Roald Dahl’s bestselling titles having sold 17 million copies worldwide.

Mara Wilson was so self-conscious about dancing for the sequence that Danny DeVito had the entire cast and crew dance with her on set.Matilda Jr Richmond Borough

Danny Devito stepped up when Mara Wilson experienced a devastating personal loss during filming.Echoing the actions of Miss Honey, Devito took the young actress under his wing, helping to support her and her family at the time and then advising her through her professional career. What a wonderful human!

If you would like your revolting children to join our fantastic company, or to buy tickets for Matilda the Musical Jr, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube