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Legally Blonde Esher

Our young cast are currently rehearsing Legally Blonde the Musical Jr in preparation for their performances in November & December. This got me thinking about role models and how books, plays and films can be instrumental in inspiring us to do or be better.  Here are a few examples of inspirational storylines:

The Blind-SideLegally Blonde Esher

Sandra Bullock shines brightly as the larger than life, Leigh Anne Tuohy, who was able to look beyond a young man’s circumstance and realise his full potential.  This heart-warming tale is a testament to humanity and illustrates beautifully the heights people can reach with love, faith and support behind them.

The Greatest Showman

This musical tells the story of showman and entertainer, PT Barnum, whose innovation brought about the creation of the Barnum and Bailey circus.  Inspiration comes at you from all angles: the songs, the performances, and the overall message that everyone should dream big!


The best-selling novel and film, follows the journey of a young boy with facial differences as he joins mainstream school.  This uplifting tale deals with challenging issues such as bullying, fear and acceptance whilst encouraging kindness and individuality.

Legally Blonde EsherMoana

Disney truly outdid themselves with this refreshing story about a girl who dares to dream beyond her own horizons.  Moana discovers friendship, bravery and determination on her journey across the sea and teaches us all a lesson about respecting mother nature!

Billy Elliot

This coming-of-age drama tells the story of a young boy who is drawn to dance against the harsh back-drop of a coal-mining town in North East England.  Elliot battles to stay true to himself in the face of social and familial expectations but persistence pays off in the end.

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