Kids Theatre Show-Hampton Hill

Kids Theatre Show-Hampton Hill

Looking for something different to do this winter? Check out our latest performance, The Wizard of Oz a Kids Theatre Show showing at Hampton Hill Theatre in December.  But seeing as Road Safety Week is coming up this month, we thought we’d better revise the rules, so that you can navigate that Yellow Brick Road with caution!

BRAKE have put together the following advice:


Traffic hurts or kills millions of people every year across the world. Serious injuries may include not being able to move your body or losing an arm or leg.

Do not text on your phone whilst crossing a road and always make sure to wear a helmet when cycling.

Be aware that drivers do dangerous things and do not always pay attention or follow the rules.


Pavements are for people; roads are for traffic- but always be aware of your surroundings.  For example,

many of the pavements in Hampton Hill don’t have kerbs so drivers may travel further onto the pavement and you need to check you are not walking on the road.

Never go near roads without an adult. Hold their hand, don’t let go and never mess around!

Stop at once if you are told. Never try to cross a road until you are told.

Kids Theatre Tickets Hampton Hill


Don’t run into or play on roads – play in a park, field or garden. Except for special occasions when your street may be cordoned off.

Pay attention to traffic lights but always double check that traffic has stopped before you cross there or at a zebra crossing.

Wear bright clothes or reflective tabs to be seen by traffic.

When in the car never undo your belt, play with door handles or distract the driver. Always get out on the pavement side.

Remember the Crossing Code- find a safe place to cross, stop, look, listen, cross with care, looking and listening all the time. Take note that electric cars are SILENT!

Always use the safest places to cross unusually busy places-underpasses; footbridges; where there is a crossing-patrol person.

Always wear a seatbelt when provided and never cross the road behind or between vehicles.

Never take dares that involve the road or driving.

C is for CHOICE

Be aware that you may feel pressure to do irresponsible things by your peer group. You should always tell an adult and try to be brave enough to say no.  If you feel something is unsafe you should speak out or tell an adult.

Once you are old enough to drive, you must think clearly about the consequences of bad decisions. Please think clearly when travelling as a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver as we all have an impact on each other.

However, if the only road you wish to travel is the Yellow Brick Road, please click here to buy tickets for The Wizard of Oz, a Kids Theatre Show-Hampton Hill.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube