Kids Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill!

Kids Theatre Group receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill!

This week our kids theatre group receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill!  At Dramacube we like to provide opportunities for people to experience the magic of musical theatre so we contacted local Girl Guides to see if they would be willing to review our show.  This winning collaboration also helps contribute towards the Girl Guides ‘Media Critic’ badge.  This is what the Guides thought of our shows:

Kids Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

Consider Yourself a Mate!

Today I got the absolute pleasure of seeing Oliver! Jr performed by the brilliant Twickenham Blue Cast at Hampton Hill Theatre. All the characters sang beautifully and I loved that so many girls played male parts convincingly, including Oliver who too was a young girl with outstanding talent. Bill Sykes was extremely menacing and really suited his part too. The play only lasted one hour which was a big advantage as I could enjoy all the songs and the plot without suffering the length of the original film version. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the show and could not see any way that it could possibly be better. Totally deserves five stars!!! (Amelie, Girl Guide)

We attended the Blue Cast show of Oliver! Jr on Sunday.  I really enjoyed the play, it was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen! My favourite characters were Dodger and Bill Sikes because they were so confident and were perfect for the role. I really liked the set, music, singing, choreography and lighting. The dramatic finish at the end was handled amazingly! Well done guys! (Niamh, Girl Guide)

I thought Oliver was brilliant! It was a bit scary in some parts. Nancy and her friend were my favourite characters. Fagin was really funny. I hope you do another show again soon! (Girl Guide)

I think Oliver was good, Nancy had a brilliant voice! I loved the hairstyle that Nancy’s best friend had. I loved all the costumes! The stage set was incredible! Fagin was incredible and the props were creative. You all did a fantastic job. Five stars! (Girl Guide)

Kids Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

Our Lovely Media Critics!

I went to see the Hampton Hill Yellow cast in Oliver, and thought it was a brilliant performance as I hadn’t seen the show before. I felt it was very well acted, as the background characters worked as hard as the main characters to create a fantastic production. I really liked that Oliver and the Artful Dodger were played by girls. Fagin was very well acted by Ayush, who was very funny and clever, and Elsie as Nancy was very good at singing, and projecting her voice. The main characters and supporting cast helped to keep the story interesting and engaging, and everything was very well performed. All the costumes and make up looked very realistic. The way the set was used for each scene was clever, as the props really helped to change it to wherever the story was taking place. I thought it was a great production to watch, and I would love to see another show by the same cast. (Isabella, Girl Guide)

On the 6th of May 2023, I went to Hampton Hill Theatre to watch the Hampton Hill yellow cast perform Oliver Jr. The show, with a running time of one hour, was a cutdown version, but contained all the favourite songs. The show started off well with a rousing rendition of food, glorious food!

There were some stand-out performances, in particular Fagin, who gave a very comedic performance, which the audience responded well to. Ethan Parker characterised Bill Sykes well, his voice and stage presence were very gruff (in a good way). Nancy’s solo performance singing, As long as he needs me, was beautiful and touching. Dodger’s character, played by Rosie Samuel, was a very cheeky dodger and seemed to be loving her role on stage. Hampton Hill yellow cast, I love your production of Oliver! (Alexa, Girl Guide)

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Sarah Watson – Dramacube