Kids’ Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

This week our kids’ theatre group receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill!  At Dramacube we like to provide opportunities for people to experience the magic of musical theatre so we contacted local Girl Guides to see if they would be willing to review our show.  This winning collaboration also helps contribute towards the Girl Guides ‘Media Critic’ badge.  This is what the Guides thought of our shows:

Kids Theatre Group Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

A Backstage Review!

Last night I attended the captivating performance of Matilda. It was nothing short of magical. The production was filled with energy and talent. From Matilda to the menacing Miss Trunchball, every role was brought to life. The set design and special effects were nothing short of amazing, transporting everyone into Matilda’s world of imagination. (Emeline, Girl Guide)

Seeing Matilda was a great pleasure! All roles were played very well and with excitement. Every second was fantastic, especially Amanda’s pigtail problem! I loved Miss Trunchball- her rolling letters really had an effect on her personality. On the stage I could definitely see some future Hollywood stars! (Constance, Emeline’s Sister)

Our Lovely Media Critics!

This week I went to see Matilda Jr, performed by Dramacube’s, Walton Red Cast. They are a group of children aged 8 to 12 years old. Even though the cast was performed by young people they still performed it professionally, with skill and they never lost the humour. They all performed with good timing, remembered their lines and they sung really well.  My favourite character was Miss Trunchbull, as she gave a lot of humour to the play and the young actress who played her was excellent. The sets were amazing and perfectly laid out so the actors could easily move about. Even though it was shorter and more compact they still pulled it out of the bag. I would 100% recommend this to others to watch and for young people to join the cast. I would happily go and see other Dramacube performances. (Sophie, Girl Guide)

Our Revolting Children!

I had such an amazing time at Hampton Hill theatre. Staff were so friendly and welcoming. The talent on stage is amazing with so many bright young actors/actresses performing. The show made me laugh and smile. Thoroughly enjoyed going to see the show and will be returning in the future.  (Isabelle, Girl Guide)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a really engaging performance with a huge effort coming from all those involved in the production. The show was really well cast and the main performers had the most amazing voices and were extremely convincing actors. The ensemble worked together really well and all mistakes made were well covered up and went almost unnoticed (Megan, Girl Guide).

If you would like your child to be part of a kids theatre group that receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill, please click here.

Sarah Watson – Dramacube