Kids Drama Group Receives Fabulous Reviews in Walton

Kids Drama Group Receives Fabulous Reviews in Walton

Our kids drama group receives even more fabulous reviews in Walton.  And what an accolade it was, with audience members observing the enthusiasm, enjoyment and confidence of the actors on stage- unlike Oliver we could not have asked for MORE!!!!

Kids Drama Group Receives Fabulous Reviews in Walton

Great enthusiam!

“Nancy was played by Florence Bastin, who was strong and tough with a gifted voice.  The poignant It’s A Fine Life and I’d Do Anything were full of energy and the cast excelled.  I also liked Bet, played by Olivia Ferizolli, who was a strong ally to Nancy.  It was a joy to see Liam Fowler once again as Bill Sykes.  Grim and terrifying, he led his scenes.  Mr Brownlow, played by Nicholas Caryer and Mrs Bedwin played by Sophie-Maria Edland-Richens, were sincere and believable.” Heather Moulson- Mark Aspen Reviews

“From the beginning it was full of Gusto / enthusiasm & fun they obviously all get a lot of positive enjoyment from taking part etc & great mental health therapy too! ” Brea Gos – Brooklands Radio

“What an absolutely fantastic production last night. The kids did so well! I thought the choreography in particular was exceptionally good, and my daughter’s acting and dancing has really come on since she has been working with Dramacube. Most importantly, the kids all looked like they were having so much fun! So many smiles throughout!” Anna – Parent

Kids Drama Group Receives Fabulous Reviews in Walton

Improving Confidence!

“Delivered with genuine enthusiasm – i’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the audience or the actors! Brilliant!” Andy – Audience Member

“It was such a great performance and wow his confidence grew – it was so lovely to watch!” Kate – Teacher

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Sarah Watson-  Dramacube