Kids Drama Company Receives Rave Reviews in Hampton Hill

kids drama company receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill

This week our kids drama company receives rave reviews in Hampton Hill from Green Room Reviews and Mark Aspen Reviews.

Cast A

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Cast A Review

Hampton Hill Theatre until 23rd March

Review by Timothy Brett

With a busy programme of shows over a two-week period, Dramacube wrapped up their run at Hampton Hill Theatre with a deliciously tasty performance of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from their Youth Theatre. For the matinee I was to witness their A cast and what a talented group they are!

“This was a truly impressive ensemble cast”

This was the first time Dramacube had produced a full-length musical, previously sticking to the one-hour junior versions; this was clearly an ambitious project and at times there were moments which required a little more polishing, however this did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the piece. It was clear the sold-out audience were loving every minute.

Despite being billed as a musical by Music Theatre International with music by Marc Shaiman & lyrics by Scott Wittman, this production felt very much like a play with music. There were many talented singers on stage, accompanied by a live band, however the songs in this show added little to the wonderful story we all know and love.

Directed by Matthew Bunn and assisted by Rory Cubbin, this production focussed, quite rightly, on the story and all those fascinating infamous characters who make it so special.

Poor deprived Charlie Bucket and his family (mainly made of up bed ridden grandparents) was down on his luck and looking forward to yet another ‘surprise’ dinner of cabbage soup when the unthinkable happens. Somehow his dreams come true when he finds one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets and then the fun really begins!

We soon meet a cacophony of despicable children (Dahl’s speciality) who shout, scream, dance, chew, eat and offend their way into the story and the tour of Wonka’s mysterious factory soon begins. Each of the unpleasant young monsters are soon disposed of by the cunning Wonka and his army of orange, boiler suit clad Oompa Loompas until only Charlie remains and the story, as I’m sure we all know has a very sweet ending.

This was a truly impressive ensemble cast, and whilst it feels unfair to name individuals it would also be wrong of me not to mention Megan Went (Charlie) who lit up the stage and drove the production on from start to finish. She surely has a bright future ahead of her. Abi Eggleton gave a lovely, warm performance as Charlie’s mother and the comic timing of Oliver Musgrave (Grandpa George) and Maddie Oxford (Chocolate / Vegetable Seller) had the audience chuckling throughout. Ramona Sleight (Mrs. Gloop) and her portly son August (Larissa Schaffrik) gave us a toe tapping, knee slapping, hand clapping Bavarian Schuhplattler which certainly upped the tempo, swiftly followed by the impressive Rosa Bruce-Ball’s arrival as the highly demanding and incredibly vile Veruca Salt who screamed her way into the factory. All in all, this colourful mix of Dahl’s characters made for a fun afternoon and was just the ticket for the ideal pre-Easter chocolaty treat.

**** (4 Stars)

Timothy Brett, Green Room Reviews

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Cast B Review

Cast B

Gill Martin wrote:

Charlie Bucket (Rosie Preedy) was a delight, confidently portraying a child brought up in poverty with his widowed mother (Rose Botha) – top marks for her beautiful singing – and four bed-bound grandparents.  Existing on a diet of pre-loved veg, with protein provided by the odd snail on limp cabbage, the family could only dream of affording a chocolate treat from Willy Wonka’s mysterious factory.    

Eccentric chocolatier Mr Wonka (Grace Chenery) has a brittle carapace but a soft centre when it comes to showing five lucky winners of gold tickets around his gloriously nutty empire.

The fortunate five include Charlie and an obnoxious quartet: Augustus Gloop (Alanna Pearman) a bulging Bavarian with yodelling chums in dirndl and lederhosen; Californian Pop Gum Queen Violet (Tabitha Gooding) who sparkled in midnight blue sequins and could well play a young Meghan Markle when The Crown has its next casting; Mike Teavee (Emilia Taylor), a device-addicted geek who can’t raise his eyes from his screen; and a spoilt Russian brat Veruca (Alexa Solhekol) … all chaperoned by their equally dysfunctional parents. 

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Sarah Watson – Dramacube