Interview with Liis Mikk

Liis Miik - Actress
This week we caught up with actor Liis Mikk, who is currently appearing in Ellie & Starlight the Musical at Hampton Hill Theatre.

Can you tell us where you are originally from and how that compares to working as an actor in London?

I’m often mistaken for Irish, but am actually from Estonia (homeland of Skype and The Singing Revolution!) I moved to London when I was 18 and back then theatre actors in Estonia would join a local theatre company and be in rep for four years at a time. In recent years, however, more and more Estonian actors have gone freelance matching the UK way. 

You’ve had quite a varied career as a performer, can you tell us a little more about the projects you’ve taken on over the past few years? 

Varied is definitely the word! I’ve recently appeared as a pilot (we shot in a flight simulator which was cool and made me realise I should never become an actual pilot); as a rhinoceros in Eugène Ionesco’s play of the same name (complete with a mask and everything); and as an eight-year-old boy in an audio drama.

What has been your favourite project and why?

I do a lot of improv and that has taken me to different immersive events and festivals over the years. Last year was my first time performing at Boomtown where I was a part of Momentary Bliss – an immersive spiritual spa offering various treatments including chakra khan and a third eye vision test. It was a lot of fun being a part of an interactive event of such scale for five days. 

What has been the most challenging role you’ve played?

It was actually one of my first in youth theatre in Estonia. We devised a play about life in the Soviet forced labour camps, using memoirs of the people deported for creating our characters. People who had lived through the Gulag came to see the show and stayed for a conversation afterwards.

What appealed to you about Ellie & Starlight the Musical? 

Let down by parents who have been otherwise preoccupied or had their head buried in the sand, children across the world have had to become leaders in climate activism. Just like Ellie in our show they see the world’s problems with fresh eyes and have enough guts and hope to try and fix them. ‘Ellie & Starlight’ illustrates that wonderfully with beautiful songs to go with it!

How are you tackling the role of Katrin?

As with any role I think it’s less about taking on another personality and more about bringing up elements of the character already within you. I don’t have any children so I look forward to discovering my inner mum and bonding with the family! 

I also do a sort of chant/rap in the show which I will practice. A lot.

We’d like to thank Liis for her time and wish her the very best with the rest of the run.