Interview with Milly Stephens

This week we caught up with Dramacube actor Milly Stephens who has been nominated for Best Girl Performer in this years’ Richmond Arts Swan Awards.

Milly Congratulations on receiving your nomination for the Richmond Arts Swan Awards in the category of Best Girl Performer aged 14 and under.

Which show were you nominated for and which role did you play?

I was nominated for the Dramacube production of Peter Pan in the Hampton Hill cast.  I played the parts of Smee and Nanna the family dog.

Being nominated for Best Girl Performer is a huge achievement. Can you explain how you prepared for the role and what you did to create your character?

To prepare for the roles, I started by setting aside half an hour a day to learn my lines. I did that every day until I knew my lines word perfect then I focused on the song lyrics.  I also did character study where I would work on my Smee accent and the way I would walk for Nanna and how she would bark.  You need to put a lot of effort and time to be able to know your character well.  I also watched Peter Pan the Disney movie to see how other people act Smee and Nanna and thinking about what I like about their character choice and what I could change about it.

Playing a principle role often requires lots of line learning. What techniques did you use to learn your lines and can you offer any top tips?

Well, first of all, I would make a timetable of when you want to rehearse your different scenes.  I also think that having someone in your family that can read in the other characters in your scenes is really helpful.  Another good tip is, once you have learnt your lines, practise performing them so you can work on voice technique like projection or if you want an accent.

Did you have many songs to learn in the show and which was your favourite?

As being part of the pirate crew as Smee I had to sing Yo Ho Ho! Never Smile At A Crocodile, Your Mother And Mine and Walk The Plank. My favourite was Never Smile At A Crocodile because in that song we were singing to the audience so we really have to engage with them telling them to never smile at a crocodile.

What did you enjoy most about the rehearsal process?

Drama is my Passion so I love doing something that I enjoy so much with all my friends.  And in the rehearsals the atmosphere is always jolly and positive.  Stephen Leslie and the directing team are all really kind, generous and understanding.  It has always been a lovely place to be.

What did you enjoy most about performing at Hampton Hill Theatre?

I loved the brilliant set and the costumes that where amazingly designed with lots of add details with the help of Devon.  And I loved the excitement Back Stage before the curtain goes up

Well done again for receiving your nomination and we wish you the very best of luck at the Swan Awards ceremony.