Interview with Abigail Eggleton

This week we caught up with Dramacube actor Abigail Eggleton who has been nominated at this years’ Richmond Arts Swan Awards.Congratulations on receiving your nomination for the Richmond Arts Swan Awards in the category of Best Girl Performer aged 14 and under.

Which show were you nominated for and which role did you play?

I was nominated for ELF, and I played Jovie

Being nominated for Best Girl Performer is a huge achievement. Can you explain how you prepared for the role and what you did to create your character?

I read through the script before line – learning and thought about how Jovie felt . I also watched the film.

Playing a principle role often requires lots of line learning. What techniques did you use to learn your lines and can you offer any top tips?

Learn your lines just before bed, sleeping helps you remember what you have learned

Did you have many songs to learn in the show and which was your favourite?

I had one song to myself, but I more enjoyed singing solos in A Christmas Song

What did you enjoy most about the rehearsal process?

Learning the songs

What did you enjoy most about performing at Hampton Hill Theatre?

The mikes and costumes were very exciting

Well done again for receiving your nomination and we wish you the very best of luck at the Swan Awards ceremony.