Inspiring Children in the Richmond Borough!

Inspiring Children in the Richmond Borough

Inspiring children in the Richmond Borough to care about the environment is something we feel passionate about.

How to inspire children to care about the environment:

Inspiring Children in the Richmond Borough

Exploring her Local Park

Let them Explore

If you have green spaces in your area, make it a habit to visit them with your child and give them the freedom to explore.  Children can learn everything they need to know for early education, just by exploring outdoor spaces- they can count, talk about colours and shapes, positions and movement, in an interesting and inspiring place. Searching for bugs, trees or animals can teach them about habitats and build empathy for the creatures living around us.  Also, time spent in green spaces improves mental health which is good for everybody!

Get them Involved

Many towns have events such a litter-picking to take care of waterside or green areas. By getting involved, children can witness first-hand, the negative impact of littering and how nature is relying on us as much as we rely on nature.

Get them Growing

Inspiring Children in the Richmond Borough

Fulfilling our Green Pledge

If you have the opportunity, planting seeds or growing food is a brilliant learning activity and teaches children about their dependence on: nature for food and insects for pollination.  It could also help your child to develop into a self-sufficient adult. Dramacube recently helped to sort out the garden at Hampton Hill Junior School and we had a fab day!

Enter our Poetry Competition!

Calling all young poets aged 7-14 years! Get your brains buzzing over half-term and be in with the chance to win prizes for you & your school’s garden.

Bees, moths and butterflies need our help on the High Street….and what better way to provide these important pollinators with the flowers they need, in the places we live.

As part of our Green Pledge, Dramacube have been working with Richmond Council to fund a flower planter on Hampton Hill High Street. It will be filled with flowers on the inside….and we’d like to put a local young poet’s poem – on a plaque – on the outside!

Can you write a short poem to highlight the importance of wildflowers in the areas we live? Our Let It Grow! Let It Grow! competition will coincide with The Big Green Week running 10th – 18th June but entries can be submitted until 30th June.

We are passionate about inspiring children in the Richmond Borough, if you are too, please click here.

Sarah Watson – Dramacube