Inspiring 5-7yr olds in Hampton Hill!

inspiring 5-7yr olds in Hampton Hill

We all enjoyed the sparkly lights, the nostalgic tv shows and time with our loved ones but Dramacube could not wait to get back to inspiring 5-7yr olds in Hampton Hill! Our Mini Musicals group have been busy exploring the magical world of Matilda and with such a strong role model, we got to thinking about examples of fictional role models for young children.inspiring 5-7yr olds in hampton hill


Despite a tough start in life, this girl chooses to manipulate her justifiable anger into positive action.  Matilda is intelligent, kind and astoundingly brave and has the integrity to break away from the family ignorance and stand against the bullies.  She never gives up and inspires children to dream big, declaring “Even if you’re little you can do a lot you…!” In fact Matilda is so popular with children in general that our 8-12yr olds voted to perform the musical theatre show again!

inspiring 5-7yr olds hampton hillPaddington Bear

Probably the classiest of our role models, Paddington has royal connections! Paddington always thinks of others first and strives to make everything better.  With an unbiased perspective on life, Paddington is a friend to all and afraid of nobody and luckily his only weakness is marmalade sandwiches!


The most emotive of our influencers, Moana dares to voyage beyond the reef to save her island and perhaps the world.  This strong-willed character battles expectations, prejudice and a fire-breathing demon called Te Kā, to discover her fate and give back all that modern man has stolen from mother nature.  Moana is always a firm favourite in our holiday workshops.

Charlie (Charlie & Lola)inspiring 5-7yr olds in hampton hill

The best TV show for parents who want something creative and calm for their children. Charlie is a fantastic role-model for boys but also older siblings in general.  He is often left to supervise his little sister and does so with creativity and patience.  Charlie strives to support Lola through any challenges whilst also highlighting the best that life has to offer- what more could any sibling ask for?

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Sarah Watson – Dramacube