Initial Set Design Ideas

Dramacube set design for Twickenham and Hampton Hill casts

Set Design for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

While our young casts in Twickenham and Hampton hill have been working hard at rehearsals, our creative team have been busy behind the scenes developing ideas for costume and set.

Set designers Christine has shared with us some initial images of her ideas, as well as some of her inspiration for the look and feel of Narnia.

Creating an effective wardrobe, which does not dominate the set is always a challenge with this production and there have been many discussions between Christine and Artistic Director Matt about how the set will work.

Whilst it is important for the wardrobe to be clearly recognizable, Christine, having worked with young people on many occasions,  is very

Design inspiration for Narnia

Inspirations behind design

aware that the stage will need to be kept clear for our actors to perform and will need space when acting, singing and dancing.

In these initial sketched you’ll see the wardrobe is positioned up stage right, with the stone mid stage left, both framed by the woods of Narnia.

Further images show some of the inspiration for the set which reflect the style of the period.

We look forward to sharing further details about the set design so please watch this space!