Help us Choose Our Next Show!

Fame School of Performing Arts

What’s Your Favourite Show?

Choosing our next show is always a fun challenge! First of all we speak to the existing casts and ask them for suggestions. However, with casts in Kingston, Hampton Hill and Twickenham, this survey can result in a long list of around twenty titles which we then start to research.

Our criteria for selecting a show is very specific.  Firstly we look for a production which:

  • Is compiled of thirty plus named parts
  • Is suitable for the age group of our children
  • Includes excellent music for our casts to work with
  • Is available to perform with backing tracks
  • Contains interesting and fun characters for our cast to play
  • Can be performed at a theatre
  • Is a popular choice among the existing casts
  • Is a popular choice for parents

Whilst we also have to bear in mind that with each show there are many restrictions:

  • Certain shows are only to be performed in a school
  • Occasionally shows have to be performed a certain distance away from London
  • Sometimes shows have to be performed with live music
  • A few shows have age restrictions
  • Some shows only have a few main characters

There are so many brilliant shows out there and whilst it would be great if we could choose any of them, this is not the case.

Our casts give us some brilliant musicals every time we ask for suggestions. In addition, there are new shows being released all the time.  Consequently we are always keen to hear your views. Therefore if you have a suggestion please contact us and let us know so we can look into the performance rights. Send your suggestions to or contact us via social media.