Halloween Workshops-Hampton & Walton

Half Term Activities in the Richmond Area

Halloween Workshops in Hampton & Walton

This half term, Dramacube will be running some tremendously terrifying Halloween Workshops in Hampton & Walton.  For 4-6yr horrors there is a 2 Day Halloween Workshop where children will enjoy spooky games, gory stories, arts & crafts and a fancy-dress competition as they work towards their own spooky performance for family to enjoy on the afternoon of day two! Your 7-14yr old ghouls will enjoy a terrifying 2 Day ‘MAKE-A-SCARY-MOVIE’ Workshop where young movie-makers will gain hands-on experience of screen make up, directing and performing in their very own scary movie. Everyone gets a digital link of their final film and families will be invited in on the afternoon of day two for an interactive cinema experience!

To celebrate this news, we thought we’d give you a run-down of the most horribly horrific Halloween movies for kids!

Best Halloween Films

Halloween Workshops in Hampton & Walton

The Witches are Back!

Hocus Pocus 2 (2022):

The terrible trio of witches are finally back! It has been almost 2 decades since their first debacle and die-hard fans were thirsty for more. Revived by 2 unsuspecting teens in a magic shop, the trio plan to eliminate the mayor and take revenge on Salem.  Perfect for the Halloween Season!

The Addams Family (2019):

As a spectator of the original tv series I was relieved to see new life given to this eccentrically macabre family, in animated form.  With such lovable and disgustingly delightful characters, what’s not to love? Wednesday’s curiosity towards the outside world leads the family into conflict with an evil TV personality who plans to demolish their home in order to realise her property dreams! Great fun!

Wallace & Gromit- The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005):

Halloween workshops in hampton & Walton

Saving the Village!

Wallace & Gromit are back and this time they are ridding the town of pesky rabbits in the kindest and most comical way.  Unfortunately, one Wallace’s experiments goes awry and the Were-Rabbit is born and hell-bent on destroying the village’s giant vegetable competition.  A fantastic mix of delicious horror and comedy with a brilliant storyline thrown in and some unforgettable characters. This one         deserved an Oscar- enjoy!


For more information on our horrific Halloween workshops in Hampton and Walton, please click here.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube