Get your 4-7yr olds active in Hampton Hill

get your 4-7yr olds active in hampton hill

How can you get your 4-7yr olds active in Hampton Hill?

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Term is kicking off with an adventure for our 4-5yr olds this month at Dramacube. Exploring the classic tale We’re Going on a Bear Hunt through Drama, Movement & Music, children will traverse the fun-filled landscapes and take on the roles of different characters.

Our 6-7yr olds are roaring with excitement as they act, sing and dance their way through the jungle with The Lion King. Drama is beneficial on many levels and both groups keep your children on the move!

get your 4-7yr olds active in Hampton HillGo on a Treasure Hunt!

Create your own rhyming clues with a Gruffalo theme, leading your children on an adrenaline-fuelled hunt through the park.  This will get kids reading, interacting and exercising in a creative way!

What the Ladybird Heard

Re-write the story by asking your children to observe what the ladybird would see, hear, taste, smell and touch if she was over Bushy Park.  A brilliant opportunity to learn numbers, colours and adjectives but also to get outdoors.

Go on a Bear Hunt

Stumble though the woods, swish the tall grass, splash through the muddy puddles and the rest is left to your child’s vivid imagination!  This should inspire your children to connect with and respect nature.  Encouraging creativity will improve learning whilst being immersed in a beautiful green space will improve mental health and wellbeing for all the family. Just watch out for bears!

get 4-7yr olds active in hampton hillPlay some old-fashioned games

French skipping, hula hoop races down the slopes, bubbles on the lawn.  A great way to build up a sweat but be sure to respect park rules and other users.

Go bug Hunting

Split up into teams and see who can find and count the most interesting bugs.  This may kick-start the interest of any young scientists and get the blood pumping.

If you want to get your 4-7yr olds active in Hampton Hill, click here!

Sarah Watson-Dramacube