Families Magazine Article November 2018

Two Swan Awards for Dramacube Students

Dramacube Scoop Two Arts Richmond Swan Awards

With an incredible six nominations for Dramacube at this years’ Arts Richmond Swan Award ceremony, it was a nervous but exciting evening for all concerned.

With nominations for Best Boy Performer and Best Girl Performer (aged 14yrs and under) and Best Youth Production (under 19yrs category), the young Dramacube actors were hopeful of picking up an award, but knew competition was high with judges seeing hundreds of performers throughout the year.

The ceremony was presented by television personalities Lynn Faulds Wood and John Stapleton and hosted by the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, and it wasn’t long before the Dramacube team had something to cheer about.

Annie Jr. at Hampton Hill Theatre, Twickenham cast

Lili Ram as Annie in Annie Jr.

First came an award for Best Girl Performer which was won by Lili Ram, who played the title role of Annie in Annie Jr. and before the clapping had died down, the award for Best Boy Performer was announced which was won by Daniel Nascimento for his role of the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Having won two awards last year, it was a great achievement and a tribute to the immensely talented group of students who participate in the shows at Dramacube Productions.

Actor Daniel Nascimento as the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Daniel Nascimento in Alice in Wonderland Jr.

You can see Lili, Daniel and many of the other nominees in the Dramacube Christmas production, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which is playing at Hampton Hill Theatre on 22nd and 23rd December.

If your child is interested in appearing in a production, workshop-auditions for the spring term show Aladdin Jr. are taking place on Sunday 25th November at Hampton Hill Theatre and at the Studio Theatre, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. Students participating in the workshop will enjoy a fun session working in small groups on a song, basic routine and scene from the show.

For further details about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe visit the tickets page and for information on Aladdin Jr. visit the auditions page.